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What is it? is an open source, distributed content publication app built on Bitcoin and BitTorrent. Users publish content pointers known as magnet links to the blockchain using the web interface and the Bitcoin Core wallet. The links are then sorted by the total amount of Bitcoin each magnet url has acquired in transaction fees.

Since uses the blockchain as its db and BitTorrent for content storage, it operates without a centralized server and is designed to be highly resistant to censorship or manipulation.

Get running

The fastest way to use is to visit and start downloading content with any BitTorrent client that supports magnet links. We recommend Transmission.

Publishing content on requires paying a small Bitcoin fee using the official Bitcoin Core client (additional wallet support coming soon).

To publish a magnet link, paste the full link url into the text field at the top of and click Run. This will open up Bitcoin Core and load the transaction needed to publish your link.

Once you submit your payment using your wallet, your link will show up on

Scoring and content ranking

Magnet links contain a BTIH (BitTorrent info hash) that represents a unique individual torrent file. BTIHs are distinct in the db and multiple attempts to publish the same BTIH will be aggregated. The total value sent to publish a particular BTIH is used for ranking.

Currently content is ranked by total Bitcoin amount used to publish that BTIH. In the future there will be more of a distinction between number of transactions and total amount possibly including the ability to sort by each.

Namespace keys

A namespace key is a Bitcoin address that is monitored for transactions. Messages published to one namespace will not be visible in other namespaces.

When you start the server you have to give it a namespace key. The default namespace is 2NUysE6fnJNhiUGJbWE2wP8T7AFCtRAVs4. The server uses Bitcoin SPV and will only look for transactions on that bitcoin address. All fees are sent to the namespace key.

Transaction Fees watches for transactions on a single namespace key per server instance. Bitcoin sent in those transactions is collected by the namespace owner. Fees are currently fixed at 10,000 Satoshi per transactions but will eventually be variable (down to the smallest amount allowed in a Bitcoin transaction).

By default, operates with the namespace key 2NUysE6fnJNhiUGJbWE2wP8T7AFCtRAVs4. Fees collected are used to help continue the development of, so please consider using the default namespace even on your own hosted servers. You can also donate bitcoin directly to the namespace key if you would like to support the project.

Hosting your own server

The website is hosted as a reference instance of the server but you are encouraged to download and host your own server. is currently built in Clojure so you'll need the following installed on your machine:

You can then download the source and run it with the command lein run.

You can also build the project as an uberjar and run it on any machine that has Java installed (Leiningen isn't needed).

Once started, the server will synchronize with the Bitcoin network then be available for use. By default the web server runs on port 9090.

BIP-70 Payment Protocol uses the BIP-70 Payment Protocol to construct proper transactions which are then passed to the Bitcoin Core client. This means each client publishes content directly to the Bitcoin network and no private keys are stored on the server.


Bitcoin transactions can store 40 bytes of data using OP_RETURN. BitTorrent magnet links contain a 40 byte hash of a torrent file. That hash is stored on the blockchain in the OP_RETURN output of the transaction constructed by

Future plans is a nascent technology and is meant as a technology demonstration. Future versions will resolve magnet link metadata, allow for sub namespace creation and allow users to earn Bitcoin by splitting fees with content publishers and sub namespace creators.

Who did this? is built by Toby. If you would like to discuss the project there is a #keyrun channel on Freenode.