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Indicator for character copying
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Author: Tobias Schlitt <>

App indicator to provide a menu with (potentially funny UTF-8) characters for simple copying them to clipboard (similar to original characters applet).

Create a file .indicator-chars in your home directory with lines of characters to be selectable.


  • Checkout source code
  • Create ~/.indicator-chars
    • Each row corresponds to a set of chars
    • Optional submenu title prefix: "[title]" (trailing spaces stripped)
    • Optional descriptions after chars: "(description)" (leading & trailing spaces stripped)
    • Spaces (apart from above) also count as chars
    • Make sure to use UTF-8 encoding
  • Put into auto start

Open issues

  • If anyone could design a nice, unity style indicator icon?
  • Maybe there is a way to use multiple click buttons in menu items?
    • No standard Gtk way does not work.
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