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Kimai Dockers

We provide a set of docker images for the Kimai v2 project.

The built images are available from Kimai v2 at Docker Hub.

Deving and Contributing

We use commit linting to generate commits that we can auto generate changelogs from. To set these up you will need node/nvm installed:

nvm use
npm install

See for more details.

Quick start

Run the latest production build:

  1. Start a DB

    docker run --rm --name kimai-mysql-testing \
        -e MYSQL_DATABASE=kimai \
        -e MYSQL_USER=kimai \
        -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=kimai \
        -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=kimai \
        -p 3399:3306 -d mysql
  2. Start Kimai

    docker run --rm --name kimai-test \
        -ti \
        -p 8001:8001 \
        -e DATABASE_URL=mysql://kimai:kimai@${HOSTNAME}:3306/kimai \
  3. Add a user, open a new terminal and:

    docker exec -ti kimai-test \
        /opt/kimai/bin/console kimai:create-user admin ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN

You can now hit the kimai instance on http://localhost:8001

This docker transient and will disappear when you stop the containers.

docker stop kimai-mysql-testing kimai-test

Using docker-compose

This will run the latest prod version using FPM with an nginx reverse proxy

See the docker-compose.yml in the root of this repo.