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Commits on Mar 23, 2013
  1. Replaces " with ' throughout, as appropriate.

    Toby Champion authored
  2. Adds comments to clarify the intent of a couple of test cases

    Toby Champion authored
    (Our understanding, anyway).
  3. Removes mark_safe() call around filter-wordwrap03's context

    Toby Champion authored
    Instead, uses the HTML entity for ' in the expected result.
  4. Removes duplicate filter test filter-urlizetrunc05

    Toby Champion authored
    Also renumbers subsequent tests.
  5. Partial fix for #16028 -- Moves tests for template filters from defau…

    Toby Champion authored
    …ltfilters to templates.filters
    Applies julien's patch 16028.WIP.diff, removing all u prefixes and replacing ur with r.
  6. @freakboy3742

    Fixed #20048, #20060 -- Modified tests for contrib apps sensitive to …

    freakboy3742 authored
    …custom User models.
    Thanks to matiasb for the report of #20060 and the draft patch for #20048.
Commits on Mar 22, 2013
  1. @aaugustin

    Fixed #16350 -- Forced capitalization in template.

    aaugustin authored
    This improves rendering in some foreign languages.
  2. @timgraham
  3. @timgraham

    Merge pull request #935 from tomviner/master

    timgraham authored
    Docs template name typo
  4. @claudep

    Fixed #20108 -- Fixed filepath_to_uri decoding error

    claudep authored
    This was a regression due to unicode_literals usage. Thanks Ivan
    Virabyan for the report and the initial patch.
  5. @mjtamlyn @claudep

    Fixed #20094 - Be more careful when checking for Iterator

    mjtamlyn authored claudep committed
    Python 2.6 has some different behaviour when checking
    isinstance(foo, collections.Iterator).
  6. @timgraham

    Fixed #17935 - Clarified intro of topics/files.txt.

    timgraham authored
    Thanks guettli for the suggestion.
Commits on Mar 21, 2013
  1. @tomviner

    Docs template name mistake

    tomviner authored
    change_list_request.html doesn't exist, it's named  change_list_results.html
  2. @andrewsg @carljm

    Fixed #20084 -- Provided option to validate formset max_num on server.

    andrewsg authored carljm committed
    This is provided as a new "validate_max" formset_factory option defaulting to
    False, since the non-validating behavior of max_num is longstanding, and there
    is certainly code relying on it. (In fact, even the Django admin relies on it
    for the case where there are more existing inlines than the given max_num). It
    may be that at some point we want to deprecate validate_max=False and
    eventually remove the option, but this commit takes no steps in that direction.
    This also fixes the DoS-prevention absolute_max enforcement so that it causes a
    form validation error rather than an IndexError, and ensures that absolute_max
    is always 1000 more than max_num, to prevent surprising changes in behavior
    with max_num close to absolute_max.
    Lastly, this commit fixes the previous inconsistency between a regular formset
    and a model formset in the precedence of max_num and initial data. Previously
    in a regular formset, if the provided initial data was longer than max_num, it
    was truncated; in a model formset, all initial forms would be displayed
    regardless of max_num. Now regular formsets are the same as model formsets; all
    initial forms are displayed, even if more than max_num. (But if validate_max is
    True, submitting these forms will result in a "too many forms" validation
    error!) This combination of behaviors was chosen to keep the max_num validation
    simple and consistent, and avoid silent data loss due to truncation of initial
    Thanks to Preston for discussion of the design choices.
Commits on Mar 20, 2013
  1. @carljm

    Fixed #18839 - Field.__init__() now calls super().

    Carny Cheng authored carljm committed
  2. @akaariai

    Removed unused import

    akaariai authored
  3. @woodm1979 @charettes

    Fixed #18972 -- Refactored bundled wsgi server's chunking algorithm.

    woodm1979 authored charettes committed
    Thanks to amosonn at for the report, @doda for the initial patch and
    @datagrok for the revamped logic and test case.
  4. @akaariai

    Added tests for already fixed #20101

    akaariai authored
    The ticket dealt with a case where one query had .exclude() that
    produced a subquery, the other query had a join to the same model that
    was subqueried in the first query. This was already fixed in master, so
    only test added.
  5. @claudep
  6. @apollo13

    Fixed #19972 -- Fixed overflow issue in admin changelist pages.

    apollo13 authored
    Thanks to loic84 for the report and patch.
  7. @claudep

    Revert "Fixed 19895 -- Made second iteration over invalid queryset ra…

    claudep authored
    …ise an exception too"
    This reverts commit 2cd0eda.
    This commit was the cause of a memory leak. See ticket for more details.
    Thanks Anssi Kääriäinen for identifying the source of the bug.
  8. @claudep
  9. @paulcollinsiii @ptone

    Fixed #16319 -- added SuccessMessageMixin to contrib.messages

    paulcollinsiii authored ptone committed
    Thanks martinogden for the initial patch and d1ffuz0r for tests.
  10. @charettes
Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @konarkmodi @carljm

    Refs #18586 -- Split out long custom_columns lookup test into multipl…

    konarkmodi authored carljm committed
    …e tests.
  2. @ptone

    Merge pull request #931 from catalanojuan/fix-admin-log-dependency-on…

    ptone authored
    Fixed #20088 -- Changed get_admin_log not to depend on User id field
  3. @konarkmodi @carljm

    Fixed #18003 -- Preserved tracebacks when re-raising errors.

    konarkmodi authored carljm committed
    Thanks jrothenbuhler for draft patch, Konark Modi for updates.
  4. @catalanojuan

    Fixed #20088 -- Changed get_admin_log not to depend on User id field

    catalanojuan authored
    Before this change, the get_admin_log method would expect User model's
    FK to be named `id`. When changing that FK name, admin/index.html
    rendering would fail.
    This includes:
     * Changed the use of id for the use of pk property.
     * Added a regression test that fails without the patch.
    This commit refs #20088.
  5. @adrianholovaty

    Reworded Mark Pilgrim section in AUTHORS.

    adrianholovaty authored
    Removed the RIP, which seemed callous given today's news of Malcolm's death.
  6. @jacobian

    Merge pull request #927 from ryanisnan/master

    jacobian authored
    Documentation - Small update to SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN documentation
  7. @ryanisnan
  8. @dericcrago @ptone

    Fixed #19327 -- Added handling of double login attempts in admin.

    dericcrago authored ptone committed
    Thanks to Krzysztof Jurewicz for initial patch and
    adupin for tests.
  9. @ptone

    Merge pull request #926 from catalanojuan/adds-dates-containing-zeros…

    ptone authored
    Added warn note to docs about MySQL issues with 0000-00-00 date strings
  10. @catalanojuan

    Added warn note to docs about MySQL issues with 0000-00-00 date strings

    catalanojuan authored
    MySQL accepts 0000-00-00 as a valid date but MySQLdb converts those
    values into None. So there will be problems for instance if trying to
    transport the data using dumpdata/loaddata.
    This patch refs #6642 that has been closed as wontfix since this is a
    particular problem of MySQL.
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. @aaugustin
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