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Perch CMS Superlist Field Type

What is it?

Adds a field type to Perch CMS that makes it easy to edit and output unordered/ordered lists.


  • Output uls or ols
  • Drag and drop to reorder
  • Press Enter to move to next item
  • One click delete
  • Add classes to rendered html



Copy superlist folder into /perch/addons/fieldtypes/


Once installed, the field type can be used in a template by specifying the type attribute as superlist:

<perch:content id="mylist" type="superlist" label="My List">

Ordered Lists

By default the field type will render a ul but you can override this to be an ol by adding ol="true"

<perch:content id="mylist" type="superlist" label="My List" ol="true">

Adding Classes

You can add one or more classes to your list:

<perch:content id="mylist" type="superlist" label="My List" class="my-list-class">

This will output

<ul class="my-list-class">


  • Switch from jQuery to Vue for core functionality
  • Switch to vue for drag and drop
  • Navigate list using ⬆️ and ⬇️ arrows
  • Nested lists
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