pom -- a minimalist command-line pomodoro-style time-tracker
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a minimalist pomodoro-style time-tracker.


pom message [-l [logfile]]


The pom utility counts down for 25 minutes as you work on a task. It will give an audible alert at 5 and 0 minutes if say or espeak is in the path and executable.

-l [logfile] If provided, log the completed task and timestamp to logfile. The default is the POMLOG environment variable, if set. Otherwise, the default is $HOME/pom.log.


  1. Use #hashtags in your messages so you can easily grep for them later.
  2. Use awk/grep to add up time spent on projects, or for specific days.

    awk '/#hacks/ { total += $1 } END { print total / 60 " hours" }' pom.log


The PowerShell version is maintained by luv2code.