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Unfuddle-to-PivotalTracker Bridge

Helps to connect an Unfuddle git repository with Pivotal Tracker stories by
automatically adding a note to a Story whenever a relevant commit is made. The
note contains the commit revision and summary.

Configure default settings in bridge_config.yml (see bridge_config.yml.sample),
or just pass them directly when creating a new bridge object.

There is an example sinatra endpoint for the Unfuddle callback in endpoint.rb.
You need to configure the callback URL in the Unfuddle Repository settings.

Notes are attached to Stories when the Unfuddle commit message contains the
string "Story:12345". Functionality is similar to how Unfuddle auto-associates
changesets to tickets if the commit starts with '#12345'

The api_responses directory contains some examples of data from Unfuddle and

1. Copy bridge_config.yml.sample to bridge_config.yml and update your settings
2. Start sinatra endpoint on your server, e.g.
   rackup -r endpoint.rb
3. Edit Unfuddle repository Callback URL to point to the endpoint, e.g.
4. Include Story ID in commit message, e.g.
   git commit -m "Story:12345 Added cool feature"
5. Endpoint will update Pivotal Tracker story when you push to unfuddle, e.g.
   git push unfuddle master
   (Takes about a minute for the callback to post, in practice)

Some inspiration from ruby-pivotal-tracker for Pivotal Tracker v1 API