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git-annex-remote-pcloud is a git-annex external remote that uses pCloud for storage.



git-annex-remote-pcloud is still experimental. Although it should be reliable please for the time being keep additional copies of all data you do not want to lose.

I will not be held responsible for any data you lose as a result of using this software.


  • v0.0.2
    • [Security] Update to the latest python3-pcloudapi library
  • v0.0.1 - Initial public release


Install python3, python3-requests:

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-python-requests

Get the project:

git clone

Initialize the git submodule containing python3-pcloudapi:

cd git-annex-remote-pcloud
git submodule update --init

Create a symlink to git-annex-remote-pcloud in your path:

sudo ln -s GIT_ANNEX_REMOTE_PLCOUD_HOME/git-annex-remote-pcloud /usr/bin/

(where GIT_ANNEX_REMOTE_PLCOUD_HOME is the directory where your git-annex-remote-pcloud resides)

For updating:

git pull
git submodule update

Alternative Install

Alternatively you can download the python3 pcloud API and install it globally, but it is not recommended since it creates more clutter and might be harder to upgrade in the future.

Install python3, python3-requests:

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-python-requests

Install the python3 pcloud API:

git clone
cd python3-pcloudapi
sudo python3 install

Install the git-annex-remote-pcloud:

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/git-annex-remote-pcloud
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/git-annex-remote-pcloud


Use it as you would use any git-annex remote.


$ git-annex-remote-pcloud --help
This program is supposed to run only called by git annex!!

To use it execute:
    PCLOUD_CREDENTIALS_FILE=/path/to/file \
    git annex initremote mypcloud type=external externaltype=pcloud \
        path=PCLOUD_FOLDER(default /annex) [credentials_file=~/.pcloud_auth] \

The file with credentials should be in one of the following formats:
    - two lines (username and password)
    - one line (authentication token)

If the credentials file is supplied as an environment variable an authentication
token will be acquired and saved in the git annex configuration.

PCloud Remote Setup

$ cat ~/.pcloud_auth
$ git annex initremote mypcloud type=external externaltype=pcloud \
    path=PCLOUD_FOLDER credentials_file=~/.pcloud_auth encryption=shared

Using the Remote

Just like any other git annex remote, see the git-annex manual.

$ git annex copy . --to mypcloud
$ git annex copy . --from mypcloud
$ git annex drop FILE --from mypcloud
$ git annex fsck --from mypcloud [--numcopies=2]
$ git annex unused --from mypcloud
$ git annex sync mycploud [--content]


Distributed under MIT.


Developed by Tocho Tochev [tocho AT tochev DOT net].


How stable is it?

See the Disclaimer section.


You should backup the configuration like you would do for any other git-annex remote.

Below is a list of git-annex hacks.

Cloning the repo and configuring the remote in the new repo.

vim .git/config
# Add the git annex remote configuration from OLD_REPO/.git/config
# It should be something like:
#   [remote "mypcloud"]
#       annex-externaltype = pcloud
#       annex-uuid = 38578a06-ff82-11e3-9b07-cb7a506f0b17
#       annex-cost = 200.0
#       annex-availability = GloballyAvailable

The parameters of the git-annex remotes are kept in remote.log in the git-annex branch:

git show-file git-annex:remote.log | less

Ok, I want to help. What can I do?

You can:

  • spread the word
  • tip me in bitcoin: 1CeVgiDoBJRUycycKZwkcwzpsB3oyZUtmR or litecoin: LYDMbejmRq7xr4f7ou3wonJ6VsstPb31sM
  • implement an improvement, I accept patches
  • suggest an improvement