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Shanghai, China
October 28th

Tock OS Training @ SOSP 2017

This course introduces you to Tock, a secure embedded operating system for sensor networks and the Internet of Things. Tock is the first operating system to allow multiple untrusted applications to run concurrently on a microcontroller-based computer. The Tock kernel is written in Rust, a memory-safe systems language that does not rely on a garbage collector. Userspace applications are run in single-threaded processes that can be written in any language. A paper describing Tock's goals, design, and implementation will be presented at the conference on Monday and is available here.

This course is based on TockOS as it was in October, 2017. It serves as a useful introduction to Tock, but it is not updated as Tock evolves. To view this tutorial in the context it was originally designed for, please checkout the correct commit hash:

$ git checkout 3c12437d23b83db896a5a8e218a3dc14468ce2df

This commit includes a working version of this tutorial.