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An opinionated template for creating a Pod.
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An opinionated template for creating a Pod with the following features:

  • Git as the source control management system.
  • Clean folder structure.
  • MIT license.
  • Rake as task management tool.

Getting started

  1. Recursively delete the delete_me files.
  2. Replace the placeholders in the license file.
  3. Create your project in the Project folder.
    • Optionally integrate your project with CocoaPods.
    • The Podfile inherits the dependencies your podspec.
  4. Add the source files of your library in the Classes folder.
  5. Add the resources of your library in the Assets folder.
  6. Use $ rake -T to see the available tasks.
  7. Use $ rake release to release a new version of the Pod (after editing the version number in the podspec).
  8. Replace the contents of this file.

Best practices


  • CocoaPods 0.19
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