Refactor Survivor Sheet epithets (back-end and front-end) #221

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All of this needs to die:

1307         if return_type == "html_angular":
1308             js_epithets = []
1309             for e in epithets:
1310                 e_bgcolor = None
1311                 e_color = None
1312                 if e in game_assets.epithets:
1313                     e_dict = game_assets.epithets[e]
1314                     if "bgcolor" in e_dict:
1315                         e_bgcolor = e_dict["bgcolor"]
1316                     if "color" in e_dict:
1317                         e_color = e_dict["color"]
1318                 js_epithets.append("{'name':'%s', 'bgcolor':'%s', 'color':'%s'}" % (e, e_bgcolor, e_color))
1320             return html.survivor.epithet_angular_controls.safe_substitute(
1321                 survivor_id = self.survivor["_id"],
1322                 current_epithets = ",".join(js_epithets),
1323                 epithet_options = Epithets.render_as_html_dropdown(
1324                     select_type="angularjs",
1325                     survivor_id = self.survivor["_id"],
1326 #                    exclude=self.survivor["epithets"], # the .js app prevents dupes
1327                     Settlement=self.Settlement,
1328                     submit_on_change=False,
1329                 ),
1330             )
  • create a custom epithets dictionary on the settlement (add this in models.settlements.normalize_data() method when we add admins and expansions and what not)
  • create modal controls for adding/managing custom epithets; save custom epithets at the settlement level. The controls should have a color picker for the background and then a black/white toggle for the font.
  • migrate legacy survivors from names to handles; add unknown/custom epithets to settlement custom epithets
  • port epithets from the legacy file to the API
  • create and develop assetCollection and gameAsset class initialization methods
  • punch up API-side epithets to include all of their "flair" (e.g. bg color, font color, expansion, etc.)
  • update models.settlements.serialize() to create an "epithets" element under "game_assets"
  • touch up the campaigns definitions to use epithet handles (rather than names)
  • check so-called "expansion attributes" to make sure that they use handles instead of names
  • update legacy A&I definitions to use handles instead of names
  • create add_epithet and rm_epithet routes to do updates versus individual survivors
  • add_epithet route needs to de-dupe and sort on save
  • deprecate the legacy app code for creating pseudo-JSON to be used by ng-init (see above)
  • deprecate legacy app support (assets.Survivor.modify() method) for adding/removing epithets
  • add an epithets popularity contest to the dashboard
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