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The Hacker-Blog theme

Hacker-Blog is a minimalistic, responsive jekyll theme built for hackers. It is based on the hacker theme for project pages.



  1. Pagination
  2. SEO tags
  3. Archive Page
  4. About Page
  5. RSS (https://base-url/atom)
  6. Sitemap (https://base-url/sitemap)
  7. Google Analytics (optional)


  1. Fork and Clone this repository
  2. Customize your blog
  3. Add a new post in _posts/ directory with proper name format (as shown in placeholder posts)
  4. Commit and push to master on a repository named <>.
  5. Visit <githubusername>

Local Build

If you want to see the changes before pushing the blog to Github, do a local build.

  1. gem install jekyll
  2. gem install jekyll-seo-tag
  3. gem install jekyll-paginate
  4. gem install jekyll-sitemap
  5. (cd to the blog directory, then:) jekyll serve --watch --port 8000
  6. Go to in your web browser.

Note: In case you have set a baseurl different than / in _config.yml, go to instead.

Local build using docker

docker run --rm -p 8000:8000 \
  --volume="LOCATION_OF_YOUR_JEKYLL_BLOG:/srv/jekyll" \
  -it tocttou/jekyll:3.5 \
  jekyll serve --watch --port 8000

Replace LOCATION_OF_YOUR_JEKYLL_BLOG with the full path of your blog repository. Visit http://localhost:8000/ to access the blog.

Note: In case you have set a baseurl different than / in _config.yml, go to instead.


Configuration variables

Edit the _config.yml file and set the following variables:

title: [The title of your blog]
description: [A short description of your blog's purpose]
  name: [Your name]
  email: [Your email address]
  url: [URL of your website]

baseurl: [The base url for this blog.]

paginate: [Number of posts in one paginated section (default: 3)]
owner: [Your name]
year: [Current Year]

Note: All links in the site are prepended with baseurl. Default baseurl is /. Any other baseurl can be setup like baseurl: /hacker-blog, which makes the site available at

Additionally, you may choose to set the following optional variables:

google_analytics: [Your Google Analytics tracking ID]

About Page



If you would like to modify the site style:


Footer: Edit _includes/footer.html

Header: Edit _includes/header.html

Links in the header: Edit _includes/links.html

Meta tags, blog title display, and additional CSS: Edit _includes/head.html

Index page layout: Edit _layouts/default.html

Post layout: Edit _layouts/post.html


Site wide CSS: Edit _sass/base.scss

Custom CSS: Make _sass/custom.scss and use it. Then add @import "custom"; to css/main.scss

404 page



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