BlinkM controller / programmer and general USB-to-I2C adapter
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LinkM -- USB to I2C adapter for BlinkM Smart LEDs

LinkM datasheet:

README for LinkM

2010-2015 Tod E. Kurt, ThingM

Hosted on Github at


This project contains the following directories:

  • c_host -- C library for talking to LinkM

    • linkm-tool -- Command-line tool for exercising C library
  • java_host -- Java library for talking to LinkM

    • -- Command-line tool for exercising Java library
  • processing_apps -- Several applications using Java library and Processing

    • BlinkMSequencer2 -- Multi-channel light sequencer
    • BlinkMScriptTool -- Helps write text light scripts
    • TwitterBlinkM -- Turns BlinkMs colors from twitter stream mentions
    • OSCLinkM -- OSC gateway for LinkM
    • LinkMLibTest -- Simple tests of LinkM Processing/Java library
  • tools -- Misc tools

    • linkm_load -- mass bootloading tool
    • linux_usb_setup -- fixes USB permissions on Ubuntu & other udev Linux
  • schematic -- LinkM device schematics in Eagle format

  • firmware -- LinkM device firmware code

  • bootloadHID -- LinkM device bootloader firmware and commandline tool

    • firmware -- firmware for bootloader
    • commandline -- commandline host-side tool to upload new firmware


The build process for all LinkM software except the Processing apps is expected to be done entirely from the command-line using standard free Unix-like tools such as "make" and "gcc".

There is a script that will build the host-side code on all OS platforms.

Host code dependencies:

  • The Java library in "java_host" depends on the C library in "c_host"
  • The C library in "c_host" depends on library in "bootloadHID/commandline"

On Mac OS X you will need the following free tools:

On Windows you will need the following free tools:

On Ubuntu Linux you will need the following free tools:

  • build-essential - sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • libusb - sudo apt-get install libusb libusb-dev
  • Sun JDK - sudo add-apt-repository "deb lucid partner" && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk


In general you should have everything you have for the host code above, and:

On Mac OS X:

On Windows:

On Ubuntu Linux:

  • "sudo apt-get install avrdude avr-libc avr-gcc avr-binutils"

Bundling BlinkMSequencer2 for Multiple Architectures

A. Bundle for Mac OS X

  1. Open BlinkMSequencer2 in Processing
  2. Choose File -> Export Application, choose "Mac OS X"
  3. In Finder, open linkm/processing_apps/BlinkMSequencer2/application.macosx
  4. Add Icon: 4a. Right-click "", choose "Get Info" 4b. Open "linkm/tools/bundle_bits/thingm_log-10.png" in Preview. 4c. Select All, copy, then select icon in Info inspector, and paste
  5. Right-click "", choose "Compress ..."
  6. Rename resulting zip as ""
  7. Publish release

B. Bundle for Windows:

  1. Open BlinkMSequencer2 in Processing
  2. Choose File -> Export Application, choose your "Windows"
  3. Bundle with Java with these 5 command-line commands:
   cd linkm/processing_apps/BlinkMSequencer2/
   unzip ../../../tools/bundle_bits/    
   cd ..
   mv BlinkMSequencer2_windows
   zip -r BlinkMSequencer2_windows
  1. Publish release

C. Bundle for Linux:

  1. Open BlinkMSequencer2 in Processing
  2. Choose File -> Export Application, choose "Linux"
  3. Bundle with the following 3 command-line commands:
   cd linkm/processing_apps/BlinkMSequencer2
   mv application.linux BlinkMSequencer2_linux
   tar cvzf BlinkMSequencer2_linux.tar.gz BlinkMSequencer2_linux
  1. Publish release