Neopixel Joints, millable on the Othermill
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Neopixel Joints, millable on the Othermill

Table of Contents

What are these?

NeoJoints make it easy to solder together pieces of WS2812 / NeoPixel-style LED strip.

NeoJoints have the following features

  • Available in multiple angles
  • Solderable holes for adding additional power at joints
  • Cuttable trace on data line for separating strips logically
  • Mounting hole for 2-56 screw
  • Single-sided millable on PCB mill like Othermill, with a single 1/32" endmill (though adding 1/8" to cleanup helps)

Originally from 5 Jun 2015 task for "Mill-a-Week":

Available NeoJoints

  • NeoJointV2-090

    • 90-degree right angle
  • NeoJointV2-000

    • 0-degree straight joint
  • NeoJointV2-060

    • 60-degree joint (good for making triangles)
  • NeoJointV2-120

    • 120-degree joint (good for making hexagons)
  • NeoJointV2-082p43

    • 82.43-degree angle, for inner angle of 7-segment-style display
  • NeoJointV2-097p57

    • 97.57-degree angle, for outer angle of 7-segment-style display
  • NeoJointV2-180-10mm

    • 180-degree angle, for putting serpentining strips
  • NeoJointV2-180-20mm

    • 180-degree angle, for putting serpentining strips
  • more coming...

How to Solder

  • Step 1: Get NeoJoint and LED strip pieces laid out correctly

    • Be sure to make sure data arrows are pointing correctly
  • Step 2: Turn over strips, put small solder blobs on back of each pad

    • Depending on the strip, you may need to scratch away adhesive layer or waterproofing
  • Step 3: Lay strip on top of NeoJoint, then heat up with soldering iron to melt solder blobs, one by one

    • Take care to keep strip aligned when melting first solder blob
  • Step 4: Continue until you've soldered down all points

    • You can look along the side of the strip to see if the solder has melted
    • And you can see if you have any solder bridges