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Java Library for blink(1)


./mvnw clean install

This builds a fat jar in: blink1-library/target/blink1-library-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Java Examples

Examples that use the library can be found in the blink1-examples module

you can run an example from the command line (after building) with:

./ Example<n>

(where <n> is: 0, 1, 2 or 3)


./ Example0
Looking for blink(1) devices...
blink(1)s found:
i:0  serial:37ec9b94

There's also a basic program to turn off the blink1 or set it to a specific RGB value:

./ OnOffColor
Turning off blink1.
./ OnOffColor 255 0 0
Setting R(255)G(0)B(0) on blink1
./ OnOffColor 255 bad 255
One or more of the rgb params is not a number between 0 and 255: r(255), g(bad), b(255)

Processing Examples

The Processing IDE can be downloaded and installed from here.

When you build the project, the blink(1) library is organized for use with Processing.

Simply move the blink1-processing-examples/target/Blink1 folder to the Processing sketch libraries folder.

By default, the Processing sketch libraries folder can be found at: ~/Documents/Processing/libraries

Here's an example of how you would get set up to run the Processing examples:

mv blink1-processing-examples/target/Blink1 ~/Documents/Processing/libraries

Once the blink(1) library is in the right place for the Processing IDE, you can open any of the examples found in the blink1-processing-examples folder.

You can verify that the blink(1) library is properly set up for the Processing IDE by navigating to: Sketch > Import Library... > and you'll see: Blink1 under Contributed.


If you don't see the above in your own instance of the Processing IDE, make sure that the Blink1 folder from blink1-processing-examples/target has been copied to the correct location. You can verify where your Processing IDE sketches location is on your local machine by locating the Sketchbook location setting in the preferences pane.

Blink1 preferences

NOTE: If the Processing IDE was already running before you moved the Blink1 folder over to the libraries folder, you should exit and restart the Processing IDE.