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blink(1) Java / Processing library
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Java Library for blink(1)

If you are looking for a ready-to-run library for use in Processing or Java, download it by visiting this repository's releases page:

To try out the library via the command-line, see

To build the library, see the Makefile. On most platforms you should be able to do make jar.

This code was originally in the repository but has now been broken out into its own repo.

Toy / Test Applications written in Processing Java

These "toy" or "test" applications for just playing around with your blink(1):

  • BlinkATweet -- Watch real-time Twitter stream for keywords, flash blink(1) when found.
    Download: (Mac OSX) / (Windows)

  • Blink1ColorOrgan -- Sound-reactive program, music-to-color, instant disco! Download: (Mac OSX) / (Windows)

  • Blink1ColorPicker -- Play with blink(1) select colors. Download: (Mac OSX), (Windows)

  • Blink1Test0 -- a very simple random-color app. Download: (Mac OSX) / (Windows)

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