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I am proposing this as an alternate to the current

I found that the monitor was slow to respond once the 15-minute threshold (and, to a lesser extent the 5-minute one also) when the current load was reduced. I believe that the monitor should check the shorter load average first and each longer threshold should control the color displayed. Thus when the load is low, a CPU intensive task ends for example, then the light would go to blue fairly quickly.

The key is that once the instantaneous load drops then the return to "normal" blue is fairly quick.

Note that the color is set at every loop. This is especially useful when some hacker (self reference!) is playing with blink1-tool while the script is running!

I've also set the thresholds rather low to facilitate testing. Your system numbers will, undoubtably, differ from mine.

todbot added some commits Aug 21, 2012

mac app: added lizs blink_1 html web code, refactored input processin…
…g a bit (still more to go), added a callback block to blink1 and corresponding changing of titlebar to show last color sent
mac app: fixed hex color code parsing and pattern name parsing for fi…
…les and urls, continued refactoring of API to make more sense

outlaw-poet and others added some commits Dec 12, 2012

awesomnium control references and updated gitignore
still missing blinkServer references for some reason
New Processing Example - Addressing 2 different Blink(1)s
Sends a random color to alternating Blink1s
Add simple support for FreeBSD - a lot like linux except libusb is pa…
…rt of the system, but iconv needs to be installed (and is in /usr/local/lib)
Merge pull request #9 from scanner/freebsd
Add simple support for FreeBSD for blink1-tool command line utility.
Changes to layout of Tea Timer
made layout elements relative to height and width so can easily scale
the size of the UI depending on preference.
Black Tea TImer Update
forgot to remove an experiment with the timer
Add automatically changes a Blink(1)'s color
based on a USB Webcam's camera or audio use, turning the Blink(1)
into a handy "Busy Light" to notify others that a user is on Skype,
Google Chat or other similar services.

It was written as a quick proof of concept for a larger project
that I have planned.
Merge pull request #12 from mjbrooks/master
I hope you find this useful (
Merge pull request #13 from ndrake/master
Added script
updated RoutingHTTPServer to latest, still has 10.6 bug; and added no…
…tation to HTTPConnection about the change I made
Blinks your Blink(1) when you have unread Gmail!

Checks your Gmail account and blinks the Blink(1) with a definable
flash of color (default: bright blue) if you have any unread mail.

Additionally, adds a quick initial burst of a second color
(default: red) before the regular flash to indicate when you have
more unread mail than a definable amount (default: 10 but can also
be disabled)
Fix typo in comment
Not major, but I'm a Virgo ;)
Merge pull request #8 from carlynorama/master
Added Black Tea Timer & Two Blink(1) Dance Party
Add SIGTERM to signal trapping
The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to treat a
SIGTERM the same way as the user pressing CTRL-c (i.e. the blink1
LED should be turned off)
Automatically change a Blink(1)'s color based on system load

Sets the Blink(1) to user definable colors based on user
definable thresholds for loads 1, 5 and 15. In order of
precedence, the defaults (which you probably want to change to
something appropriate for the system) are:

* Below thresholds (Blue)
* >2.00 Load 15 (Red)
* >3.00 Load 5 (Orange)
* >4.00 Load 1 (Yellow)
third try at a new blinkServer arrangment to avoid permissions issues
just running everything through a modified commandline tool. wrapping
several server and interface stuff in a new way. need to fill out
functions, but it seems to pass through correctly.
Merge pull request #20 from mjbrooks/signal-mods
Add SIGTERM to signal trapping

255,255,0 is too green.

@YoYo-Pete Yes, I changed the colors slightly to match what my Blink(1) shows. I don't know if they all show the same color for the same values. The colors I use are:

-# Color when the load15 exceeds THRESHOLD_15
COLOR_15=255,0,0 # red

-# Color when the load5 exceeds THRESHOLD_5
COLOR_5=255,153,0 # orange

-# Color when the load1 exceeds THRESHOLD_1
-# I needed to change this from 255,255,0 because that was too green
COLOR_1=255,200,0 # yellow

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