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blink1-mini-tool blink1-mini-tool update for wrt-based devices
blink1control-tool blink1-tool: makefile var fixes
blink1raw added blink1raw from frederick
hidapi updated hidapi to latest
scripts small moodlight script fix
server added tinyserver readme
Makefile makefile doc clarification blink1-tool doc updates Update
blink1-lib-lowlevel-hidapi.h blin1k-lib: hidapi debugging
blink1-lib.c blink1control: no this time it actually does sorta work with multiple…
blink1-lib.h blink1-lib: upped blink1_max_devices to 32
blink1-tool.c fix chase option
hiddata.c blink1-lib: fixed hiddata.c to work with mk2 (&mk1), USB_RECIP_DEVICE…
hiddata.h blink1-tool: big revamp to use HIDAPI or hiddata, see Makefile USBLIB…

Command-line Tool and C library for blink(1)

To build, see the Makefile.

The current support build products are:

  • blink1-tool -- command-line tool for controlling blink(1)
  • blink1-lib -- C library for controlling blink(1)

Supported platforms:

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8, 10.7+
  • Windows XP+ (built with MinGW & MSYS)
  • Linux (most all, primary development on Ubuntu)
  • FreeBSD 8.2+
  • Raspberry Pi (Raspian)
  • BeagleBone (Ubuntu)
  • OpenWRT / DD-WRT
  • ... just about anything else with Gnu Make & a C-compiler

In general, the blink1-tool builds as a static binary where possible, eliminating the need for shared library dependencies on the target. However, static builds can be problematic for some systems with "different" libusb implementations, so doing make EXEFLAGS= will generally build a non-static version.

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