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Device API Documentation for blink(1)

There are multiple ways to communicate with a blink(1) device.

  • Raw HID SetFeature & GetFeature reports
  • C API
  • Java / Processing API
  • Command-line API
  • Local Web API

Raw HID SetFeature & GetFeature reports

If you like doing down-to-the-metal SetFeature and GetFeature USB HID reports, blink(1) speaks a simple 8-byte report for both.

See the C API for details.


For the C API, check out the blink1-lib.h and blink1-lib.c files in the "commandline" directory.

Java / Processing API

Check out the set of Java / Processing examples in the "processing" directory.

For ready-to-run Processing examples using the Java library, download and install:

Command-line API

The command-line program "blink1-tool" lets you have full control over one or more blink(1) devices. You can use this program inside of shell scripts or batch files, or in a pinch, call them from within PHP web pages.

It is documented in blink1-tool.

Local Web API

The local Web API is a REST API with JSON responses that comes with the Mac OS X and Windows control applications.

It is documented in app-url-api. And has a set of step-by-step examples in app-url-api-examples.


You can use to hook up all sorts of Net-based data sources to your blink(1). Details on that coming shortly.

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