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Node.js API for blink(1)

node-blink1, officially-supported blink1 library for Node:

Authored by @sandeepmistry, supported by ThingM

To use:

Install locally into your project (for Node 0.12)

% npm install node-blink1

About node-blink1 and Node 4.x

As of 30 Sep 2015, node-hid has been patched to work with Node 4 by @lorenc-tomasz, but the hasn't been merged with mainline node-hid.

If you want to use node-blink1 with Node 4.x, install this fork of node-hid before node-blink1:

% npm install 'https://github.com/lorenc-tomasz/node-hid.git#package'
% npm install node-blink1

Examples of node-blink1 in use: