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A GUI app for playing with HID devices, written in Python
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HIDPyToy - A simple tool to play with USB HID devices

Written in Python3 with PyQt5 and built with fbs.


Pre-build executables are available on the hidpytoy releases page for:

This should work for Linux too but I've not yet tried.


To install for development (until I get up):

git clone
cd hidpytoy

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

# on Windows powershell, and must be Python 3.6, not 3.7:
# py -3.6 -m venv venv
# .\venv\scripts\activate.ps1

pip install fbs
pip install PyQt5==5.9.2
pip install hidapi
# or equivalently
pip install fbs PyQt5==5.9.2 hidapi

# run the app
fbs run

# build the executable
fbs freeze

# To edit the UI
# 1. Install Qt Designer from
# 2. Save .UI file and run:
pyuic5 HIDToyWindow.ui -o

# or when working with it in another location:
cp ~/Desktop/HIDToyWindow.ui src/main/python/ && pyuic5 src/main/python/HIDToyWindow.ui -o src/main/python/

Be sure to see fbs troubleshooting page

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