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SAMD21 programming notes
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SAMD21 Programming Notes

Explorations into how to program SAMD21 chips like those in Trinket M0, Arduino Zero, etc.

Eventual goal: Build a crystalless SAMD21-based board and program it with a combined bin of a UF2 bootloader and my own program.

One preliminary idea is:

Steps to get there using existing SAMD21 board (e.g. Trinket M0, FemtoUSB):

  1. Reprogram bootloader using UF2
  2. Program chip with an Arduino sketches using uf2
  3. Talk to chip w/ GDB using JTAG programmer (JLink via commandline, no Atmel Studio)
  4. Reprogram bootloader with JTAG programmer (JLink via commandline, no Atmel Studio)
  5. Program chip with Arduino sketch using JTAG programmer

Progress so far...

Reprogram bootloader via UF2 - Trinket M0

  1. Double-click button on Trinket M0 to get into UF2 bootloader
  • LED will heartbeat
  • Trinket M0 shows up as "TRINKETBOOT" disk
  1. Create new UF2 bootloader
git clone
cd uf2-samd21
make BOARD=trinket
  1. Copy resulting file update-bootloader.uf2 to disk
  2. Tada, new bootloader installed
  3. Edit file boards/trinket/board_config.h to change bootloader id strings

Program Arduino sketch with UF2 - Trinket M0

  1. Create sketch as normal
  2. Open build tmp directory and copy out .bin file
  3. Use uf2-samd21 'bin2uf2.js' script to convert to uf2:
node uf2-samd21/scripts/bin2uf2.js sketch_nov24a.ino.bin sketch_nov24a.uf2
  1. Copy uf2 file to TRINKETBOOT and tada programmed!
  2. TODO: Look into what bin2uf2 is doing

Connecting Jlink JTAG/SWD to Trinket M0

  1. Solder pads to SWD & SWC pins on back of Trinket M0
  2. Connect following pins from JLink to Trinket M0:
  | black | Jlink Gnd   | Trinket M0 Gnd pin |
  | red   | Jlink VTref | Trinket M0 3v3 pin |
  | green | Jlink SWDIO | Trinket M0 SWD solder pad |
  | blue  | Jlink SWCLK | Trinket M0 SWC solder pad |
  1. Power Trinket M0 via USB. Power Jlink via USB. "VTref" is used to detect target power is applied.

GDB to chip via Jlink JTAG/SWD - Trinket M0

  1. Connect Jlink to Trinket M0 as above
  2. Mostly from:
  3. Install J-Link software from
  4. Run /Applications/SEGGER/JLink/JLinkGDBServer -if SWD -device ATSAMD21E18 -port 3333
  5. Run arm-none-eabi-gdb-py
  • set target extended-remote :2331 (if not doing port 3333 above)
  1. In GDB, do standard GDB things

Update bootloader via JLink JTAG/SWD w/ uf2-samd21 - Trinket M0

  1. Connect Jlink to Trinket M0 as above
  2. Uses OpenOCD, but expects EDBG instead of Jlink
  3. Install openocd with brew install openocd
  4. Modify uf2-samd21/scripts/dbgtool.js to use Jlink instead of EDBG.
    • Change openocd path to use 0.1.0 or better: let openocdBin = "/usr/local/bin/openocd"
    • Modify uf2-samd21/scripts/dbgtool.js: let zeroCfg = '/Users/tod/projects/samd/openocd-scripts/samd21-jlink.cfg'
  5. Must have new openocd-script samd21-jlink.cfg:
  6. Run "make burn" in uf2-samd21
  7. Alternatively, run:
cd uf2-samd21
node ./scripts/dbgtool.js fuses
node ./scripts/dbgtool.js ./build/trinket/bootloader.bin

Update bootloader via JLink on commandline - Trinket M0

  1. Connect Jlink to Trinket M0 as above
  2. Install openocd as above
  3. Get samd21-jlink.cfg as above
  4. Program on commandline:
      /usr/local/bin/openocd \
       -s /usr/local/share/openocd/scripts \
       -f ~/projects/samd/openocd-scripts/samd21-jlink.cfg \
       -c "init; targets; halt; program /Users/tod/projects/samd/uf2-samd21/build/trinket/bootloader.bin verify reset; shutdown"
  5. Can also erase entire chip:
    openocd -f ~/projects/samd/openocd-scripts/samd21-jlink.cfg -c "init; targets; at91samd chip-erase; shutdown"`
  6. Or just list which targets are connected:
      openocd -f ~/projects/samd/openocd-scripts/samd21-jlink.cfg -c "init; targets; shutdown"
  • TODO: Get programming to work for Arduino sketches (specifically, can program but sketch doesn't run)
  1. TODO: try:

    -c "init; targets; reset halt; program sketch.bin 0x00002000

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