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Stockholm Ghost Theme

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Stockholm is a (currently) free theme for the Ghost blogging platform. This theme can be previewed via our live site, which runs off this theme:

Stockholm Theme


Stockholm is arguably the most feature-rich Ghost theme on the market. With some light configuration, users can extend their app's functionality by accessing data which would be otherwise inaccessible via Ghost, thus introducing a plethora of features and widgets. Users can personalize their themes via simple config files, enabling contextual widgets, fully integrated user sign ups, and unique page templates.

This project is in active development. All are welcome to use this theme, but oddities will exist until more user-friendly configuration is completed. For example, certain services are specifically whitelisted to the working domain and will break when cloned. This is being fixed.


Beyond predictable built-in blog features, Stockholm leverages services atypical blog themes to provide delightfully refreshing yet technically complex functionality.

Major Features

  • User Authentication & Signup for Readers
  • Homegrown commenting system: zero dependencies on Disquis or similar third parties
  • Multi-post content series' for topics deserving more than a single post
  • Full JIRA integration with functioning Kanban
  • 'Contributors' page detailing bios for blog authors
  • MongoDB Cloud integration to extend the capabilities of Ghost CMS
  • Automatic link preview embeds via custom API
  • "Smart" widgets which change based on their context
  • Individual author pages with high personalization
  • Global search
  • Automatic image compression via Gulp
  • Featured posts
  • Responsive layout


  • Github project modules
  • Github user activity
  • Blog Contributors
  • Recent posts
  • Related posts
  • Series
  • Twitter Feed with custom styles
  • Meetup Events by author
  • Medium posts by author

Features In Development

  • Cheatsheet section: collection of common code snippet patterns
  • Custom commenting system
  • Sendgrid email signups
  • Additional 'Series' widgets

Planned Features

  • Recommended posts
  • Recommended services & tools
  • Guest posts
  • Embedded executable code interpreters
  • Author/tag subscriptions


For information on installing the Ghost platform, please reference the Ghost CLI.

Theme Quickstart

$ git clone
$ cd ghosttheme-stockholm
$ npm install
$ npm install gulp-cli -g
$ npm install gulp -D
$ gulp

As always, remeber to restart your ghost instance when introducing new themes or templates.


Ghost uses Handlebars for templating. This theme is styled using LESS.

Custom Templates:

  • custom-author-archive.hbs: Alternative "about" page which displays author bios.
  • custom-projects.hbs: Lists chosen Github Repos & a live JIRA kanban board integration
  • custom-tag-archive.hbs: Template for ongoing editorial series'
  • custom-signup-confirm: Confirmation page for new user account creation


  • Documentation
  • User-friendly configuration
  • Speed optimization