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Stockholm Ghost Theme

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Stockholm Theme

Stockholm is amongst the most feature-rich Ghost themes currently available. With some configuration, users can extend the functionality of their theme by accessing data which would be otherwise inaccessible via the standard Ghost API; this enables a plethora of features and widgets previously unavailable to Ghost. Example customizations include contextual widgets, additional social account support, JIRA project configuration, and unique page templates.

This project is in active development. All are welcome to use this theme while it is in process of being white labeled. Oddities will almost certainly exist until more user-friendly configuration is completed. For example, certain services are specifically whitelisted to the working domain and will break when cloned. This is being fixed.

A live implementation of this theme can be previewed here:


Beyond predictable built-in blog features, Stockholm leverages services atypical blog themes to provide delightfully refreshing yet technically complex functionality.

Major Features

  • Content
    • Global searchbar
    • <a> tags generate embedded previews
    • Hand-designed code snippets
    • Interactive data tables
  • API
    • Featured posts
    • Multi-part content publications
    • Additional social media options for authors
    • Enumerated pagination
  • Projects
    • Full JIRA integration with functioning Kanban board
  • Accounts
    • User Authentication & Sign-up for Readers
  • Authors
    • Individual author pages (personalized social widgets)
    • ‘Contributors’ page detailing bios for blog authors
  • Misc
    • Automatic image compression
    • Responsive layout


  • Content
    • Recent Posts
    • Related Posts
    • Publications
    • Table of contents (Post X of Y)
  • Authors
    • Blog Contributors
    • Author detail cards
    • Github activity per author
    • Github repositories per author
    • Author website embed
    • Upcoming Meetup Events
    • Recent Medium Posts
  • Social
    • Connected Social Profiles
    • Twitter feed per author
    • Facebook page preview
  • Users
    • Hybrid account creation + subscribe

Page Templates

  • custom-author-archive.hbs: Alternative "about" page which displays author bios.
  • custom-projects.hbs: Live JIRA Kanban board integration, lists chosen Github repositories.
  • custom-tag-archive.hbs: Template for ongoing editorial series’.
  • custom-apply: Application process for aspiring authors.
  • custom-resources: Recommended products, code libraries, etc.
  • series: Page containing all posts of a series, compiled via dynamic routing.
  • error: Custom 404 page.

Planned Features

Features In Development

  • Code Cheatsheet section
  • Homegrown commenting system (zero dependencies on Disquis)
  • Automated Sendgrid newsletters
  • Additional publication widgets

Coming Later Perhaps

  • Recommended posts
  • Recommended services & tools
  • Trending posts
  • Guest posts
  • Executable code interpreters
  • Author/tag subscriptions
  • Trending Topics


  • User-friendly configuration
  • Installation Documentation
  • Image compression optimization
  • Retina image support
  • Site speed optimizations


For information on installing the Ghost platform, please reference the Ghost CLI.

$ git clone
$ cd ghosttheme-stockholm
$ npm install
$ npm run build

Remember to restart your Ghost instance when adding new themes.


This theme comes equipped with multiple built-in integrations, which are visible in .example_env. Rename this file to .env (and don't forget to include .env in .gitignore)!

Replace the values in this configuration file with your own. Additional details to be added here soon.

This theme and all publically-visible repositories are free of charge. If you find this project to be helpful, a small donation would be greatly appreciated to keep us in business. All proceeds go towards coffee, and all coffee goes towards improving these projects.


👻 📝 Clean Ghost theme with advanced features & customization.




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