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🔗 📦 A single endpoint which generates metadata previews of any given URL.
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Linkbox API

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Linkbox is a single endpoint which accepts a ?url= parameter and returns best-guess metadata for the target site. A successful request parses HTML of the target page and discerns which data is best suited to provided a preview of said page. The resulting JSON can be used to format embedded HTML previews, thereby creating a better visual experience as well as countless SEO benefits.

Link Preview


Link Preview

Functionality in Development

There are several major features which remain in development:

  • AI-Generated Summaries: Get the best synopsis of an article or webpage possible by letting robots write them for you.
  • Returning Embed HTML: Instead of simply returning JSON containing metadata per request, users will be able to opt in to instead receiving a text response of HTML for an embedded widget.
  • Customized Responses: Some content providers (such as Medium) are intentionally resistant to scrapers. Exceptions for such sources will be handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure meaningful data is returned.
  • Content Awareness: Depending on the content of the link, a different embed will be returned to best display said content.
  • Direct Database Writes: Integration with a site's content database to ensure HTML is hard-embedded to the page as opposed to a client-side script.
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