Simple node program for executing commands in an environment from an env file
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A simple node program for executing commands using an environment from an env file.


npm install env-cmd or npm install -g env-cmd


Environment File Usage

Environment file ./test/.env

# This is a comment
ENV1=THANKS # Yay inline comments support
ENV3 THE FISH # This format is also accepted

# Surround value in double quotes when using a # symbol in the value

# If using double quotes as part of the value, you must surround the value in double quotes
ENV5=""Value includes double quotes""


  "scripts": {
    "test": "env-cmd ./test/.env mocha -R spec"



./node_modules/.bin/env-cmd ./test/.env node index.js

.rc file usage

.rc file .env-cmdrc

  "development": {
    "ENV1": "Thanks",
    "ENV2": "For All"
  "production": {
    "ENV1": "The Fish"


./node_modules/.bin/env-cmd production node index.js

Environment File Formats

These are the currently accepted environment file formats. If any other formats are desired please create an issue.

  • key=value
  • key value
  • Key/value pairs as JSON
  • JavaScript file exporting an object
  • .env-cmdrc file (as valid json) in execution directory


Because sometimes its just too cumbersome passing lots of environment variables to scripts. Its usually just easier to have a file with all the vars in them, especially for development and testing.

Do not commit sensitive environment data to a public git repo!

Related Projects

cross-env - Cross platform setting of environment scripts

Special Thanks

Special thanks to cross-env for inspiration (use's the same cross-spawn lib underneath too).


  • Eric Lanehart
  • Jon Scheiding

Contributing Guide

I welcome all pull requests. Please make sure you add appropriate test cases for any features added. Before opening a PR please make sure to run the following scripts:

  • npm run lint checks for code errors and formats according to js-standard
  • npm test make sure all tests pass
  • npm run test-cover make sure the coverage has not decreased from current master