One-player hangman game built with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.
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Hangman - Robert De Niro Edition

A one-player hangman game built with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. Guess the Robert De Niro movie title!

Hangman - Robert De Niro Edition

Game Logic

  • Randomly selects a Robert De Niro movie title from an array and displays each character as a blank.
    • If the character is a colon, space, or apostrophe, it is displayed as such rather than as a blank.
  • The player presses a key to place their guess. If the key pressed was an alphabet key, the game proceeds. Otherwise, the keypress is ignored.
  • The game first checks to see if the letter has already been guessed, either correctly or incorrectly.
    • If so, the player is alerted to the duplicate, and no points are deducted.
    • If not, the game proceeds.
  • Correct letters are filled into the blanks.
  • Incorrect letters are displayed in a separate area, and a guess is decremented. (Players begin with nine guesses.)
  • After each turn, the game checks to see if the player has won or lost.
    • If so, player is invited to play a new round. Their win or loss tally is updated and displayed, their guesses are cleared, and a new Robert De Niro movie title is selected.
    • If not, game continues, pending player's next keypress.

Challenges Overcome

  • My original iteration could only display single-word movie titles. When I added the ability to include multiple-word movie titles, I created new problems for myself:
    • A space would be pushed to the selectedTitle array, but would not display as a space in the UI.
      • I solved this by creating a second array wherein a space was converted to a   before being pushed. This allowed the space to display properly in the UI.
    • However, this solution created yet another problem for me. Whenever the game checked if the player had won, the   character would never match the space character, so the player could never win.
      • I solved this problem by having the game check the player's guesses against the array with the   in it.

Future Iterations

  • At end of round, display the full title and score BEFORE the confirm box pops up.
  • Improve CSS3 styling.
    • Center positioning better.
    • Add letter spacing to wrongLetters display.
    • Mobile responsiveness (even though a keyboard is required to play).
  • Display movie poster when player either wins or loses.
  • Click Start button to begin game instead of automatically triggering the game upon loading page.
    • Hide blanks before Start button is pressed.
    • Hide Start button when game begins. Display blanks in its place.
    • When game ends, display Play Again? button instead of confirm box, and hide blanks again.
  • Animate the blanks as they appear.
  • Do not repeat movie titles. Once all movie titles have been used, either:
    • Begin allowing repeats for indefinite gameplay.
    • Congratulate player on beating the game, and stop the game.

Technology Used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
    • Animate.CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery