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Technologies Used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
    • Waypoints (to trigger functions when an element is scrolled to).
    • gmaps.js (map plugin).

Techniques Learned

  • HTML5
    • <blockquote>
    • <cite>
    • <span> to style only some of the text within a paragraph.
    • &nbsp; instead of using the spacebar as a placeholder.
  • CSS3
    • box-sizing: border-box;
    • text-rendering
    • :before and :after
    • word-spacing and letter-spacing
    • line-height
    • link, visited, hover, and active
    • transition (in this case, to create more sophisticated hover effects with animations and delays).
    • transform (in this case, to zoom in and out on an image).
    • text-decoration: none; for removing link underlines.
    • linear-gradient for shading background images.
    • list-style: none; for removing bullet points from lists.
    • text-transform: uppercase; to make all letters capital. text-transform: capitalize to capitalize only the first letter of each word.
    • background-attachment: fixed; to hold a background image in place, even when the user scrolls.
    • content to add text to the site using CSS3.
    • overflow-x: hidden;
    • display: none; to hide elements.
    • Animate.css.
    • animation-duration
  • jQuery
    • Triggering animations on scroll.

Future Iterations

  • Center the icons in the Features section.
  • Try making the Cities fadeIn one after another by a split second each. (Will have to give each one its own class.)
  • In media query 767px and lower, polish the centering of all the links and social media navs.
  • Firefox and iPhone: "Show Me More" button's bottom border does not always display. May have to add bottom padding.


Single-page website for high-end food delivery service.



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