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Diabric is a python package containing utilities for use in Fabric fabfiles. These tasks, functions, and classes are useful for:

  • working with Amazon EC2
  • configuring machines
  • installing, configuring, and starting services, servers, and daemons, like nginx and supervisord.
  • deploying python wsgi web applications.
  • uploading and formatting files
  • creating python virtualenv virtual environments
  • installing packages into virtualenvs
  • configuring fabfiles

This package is still very much alpha and exists to reduce code duplication across a number of fabfiles I have for different projects.



Install from

Download and install diabric.

pip install diabric

Install from

Install distutils2 if you do not yet have it installed.

pip install distutils2

Download and install diabric.

cd ~
git clone
cd diabric
pysetup install