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arg Rewrite code until compilation is successful again Nov 19, 2017
ast Improve vec API, add more lambda type inferring Dec 1, 2017
bin Add commit hook Aug 3, 2017
include Update comment docs for arg.h Jan 16, 2018
parse Simplify string implementation Jan 2, 2018
pass Add scoping to symbol table Jan 16, 2018
strbuf Add scope tracking to symtab (Non-functional) Jan 4, 2018
test Add scoping to symbol table Jan 16, 2018
LICENSE Initial commit Aug 3, 2017
Makefile Update Makefile comments Jan 2, 2018
README Add link to walden spec in README Oct 17, 2017
config.mk Update build options Jan 1, 2018


Most up to date specification here: http://www.toddgaunt.com/files/walden/walden17.pdf