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@@ -14,14 +14,24 @@ Requirements:
- subversion
- java (preferably sun's JDK)
+ - JAVA_HOME must be set in your environment
- appropriate package building tools for your platform
- yum install rpm-build (RedHat based)
- apt-get install dev-scripts (Debian based)
+- ant version 1.7.0 or greater (RedHat will require some fiddling[1])
When you try to build for your platform, build dependency errors will also
inform you of any other packages you may need to install (eg lzo2 devel
packages, ant, etc)
+[1]: First you'll need to install "ant" and "ant-nodeps" with yum. Then
+You'll need to download the binary Apache Ant distribution from
+their website, and extract the tarball somewhere. You'll have to set
+ANT_HOME in your environment to point to the newly archived directory.
+You'll also have to put $ANT_HOME/bin in your path, before /usr/bin.
+Running "ant" on the command line should run $ANT_HOME/bin/ant, not
To build packages, simply run the included shell script.
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