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Jetty Web Container
Copyright 1995-2009 Mort Bay Consulting Pty Ltd
The Jetty Web Container is Copyright Mort Bay Consulting Pty Ltd
unless otherwise noted. It is licensed under the apache 2.0
The javax.servlet package used by Jetty is copyright
Sun Microsystems, Inc and Apache Software Foundation. It is
distributed under the Common Development and Distribution License.
You can obtain a copy of the license at
The code ~Implements the one way cryptography used by
Unix systems for simple password protection. Copyright 1996 Aki Yoshida,
modified April 2001 by Iris Van den Broeke, Daniel Deville.
Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute UnixCrypt
for non-commercial or commercial purposes and without fee is
granted provided that the copyright notice appears in all copies.
The default JSP implementation is provided by the Glassfish JSP engine
from project Glassfish Copyright 2005
Sun Microsystems, Inc. and portions Copyright Apache Software Foundation.
Some portions of the code are Copyright:
2006 Tim Vernum
1999 Jason Gilbert.
The jboss integration module contains some LGPL code.
The win32 Java Service Wrapper (v3.2.3) is Copyright (c) 1999, 2006
Tanuki Software, Inc. and 2001 Silver Egg Technology. It is
covered by an open license which is viewable at
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