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Getting Started


Requires NodeJS v6.0 or above. Check your version with node -v.

We recommend using NVM to install node to make it easier to swap between and upgrade Node versions in the future.

Windows: must be run within a Unix-like shell (such as Git Bash)

iOS: Building the iOS app requires a mac, and cordova setup scripts currently work for unix-like environments only (Linux + Mac).

If you're having problems getting dependencies set up on your computer, try using this repo with Containerizer.

Install dependencies


With Node.js installed, run the following one liner from the root of the repository:

npm install -g webpack && npm install

For building native apps, you will also need to set up cordova.

npm install -g cordova

Development workflow

Serve / watch

npm run dev

This runs the app at http://localhost:8080 (port may be different if you're using Containerizer). It also outputs an IP address you can use to locally test and another that can be used on devices connected to your network.

Run tests

npm run test

This runs the unit tests defined in the app/test directory.

Tests require Java JDK 7 or higher. To update Java go to and download JDK and install it.

Tests require Chrome. Please make sure you have the Chrome browser installed and up-to-date on your system.

Release checklist

Before deploying to production, run ./ to deploy to beta and create beta versions of the Android and iOS apps. Then check that:

  • app icon and splashscreen appear properly on Android and iOS. If properly configured, the icons and splashscreens WILL show up in the beta build.
  • basic functionality works for all three builds (app loads, game is able to start)

Build for Web

webpack --config ./webpack.dist.config.js


  • web files are output in the www/ folder. Can host locally for quick double checking via python -m SimpleHTTPServer 5000 from www/.

Build for Android

For debugging:

webpack --config ./webpack.dist.config.js && cordova build android

Notes and debugging:

  • requires the Android SDK
  • when deploying Android, you'll need to update android-versionCode in config.xml, not just version.

Build for iOS

webpack --config ./webpack.dist.config.js && cordova build ios

Notes and debugging:

  • requires a Mac with XCode installed
  • if Xcode complains about signing, try going to the project settings in Xcode, disabling automatic signing, re-enabling it, and then selecting your team again.

Troubleshooting builds

If you're having trouble with UglifyJS when running webpack -p, try removing webpack's dependence on uglify-js and letting the dev-dependency version be used (see here).