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HTML5 Blank Changelog


  • Remove deprecated actions: (index_rel_link, parent_post_rel_link, start_post_rel_link, adjacent_posts_rel_link, adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head)

1.5.0 (10 September, 2014)

  • Dates are configure from admin and more semantic
  • Starting using Gulp
  • Starting using Bower
  • Starting using SCSS
  • Now you can build dev and production version
  • Now you can automaticly minify your code

1.4.3 (02 December, 2013)

  • Update conditionizr to version 4.0.0
  • Update jQuery to v1.10.2
  • Update Google Analytics snippet to new universal snippet
  • Improved SVG script
  • Removed empty conditionizr asset directories for js and css
  • Remove redundant Modernizr file, loading from CDN

1.4.2 (15 June, 2013)

  • Add font-size:62.5%; to the HTML element in CSS for rem (relative-ems) sizing
  • Update jQuery 1.9.1 to 1.10.1

1.4.1 (26 April, 2013)

  • Removed protocol-relative scripts/styles function as causes some disruption on some local development environments
  • Removed hard-coded jQuery from footer as was causing issues with plugins that relied on jQuery being enqueued
  • Removed jQuery CDN fallback, jQuery 1.9.1 and theme scripts will be enqueued in the <head> from now on to avoid conflicts with WordPress jQuery checks/detects

1.4.0 (09 April, 2013)

  • Move pagination into it's own file (pagination.php) and include in necessary template files
  • Enhanced clearfix in CSS to micro clearfix hack (works by using parent element for clear)
  • Change all HTML structural comments to lower case for cleaner look
  • Add apple-touch-icon-precomposed to <head>
  • Moved favicon.ico to 'img/icons'
  • Moved new apple touch icon to 'img/icons'
  • Remove Conditionizr default <head> setup and add config URL (cleaner code from install) please see conditionizr for configuration
  • Reordered some meta, links in <head> for better readability/consistency
  • Add a few structural (but empty) classes into CSS for fast styling upon install
  • Few CSS comments added to label areas/components better

1.3.9 (07 April, 2013)

  • Added WAI-ARIA landmark roles to enrich semantics and improve accessibility. Stacey Cordoni #32
  • Added WAI-ARIA 'role=button' to search form <button>
  • Upgrade search input type from 'type=text' to 'type=search' for better use of HTML5 alongside WAI-ARIA

1.3.8 (02 April, 2013)

  • Load Modernizr from CloudFlare CDN (same as Conditionizr)
  • Load only Conditionizr and Modernizr through the <head>, with Conditionizr call too.
  • Load jQuery CDN (Google) in footer, with jQuery CDN fallback (CloudFlare)
  • Separated WordPress script enqueue to load Conditionizr, Modernizr in head: 'function html5blank_header_scripts()'
  • Hard-coded jQuery and CDN fallback into footer.php above custom theme scripts, more reliable fallback method
  • Load custom theme scripts in footer: 'function html5blank_footer_scripts()'
  • Loading scripts before closing </body> tag is best practice and not seen often in WordPress sites
  • Lowercase <!doctype html> in header.php
  • Remove empty line at end of functions.php

1.3.7 (01 April, 2013)

  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) language translation file to /languages/ from Wesllei Henrique

1.3.6 (30 March, 2013)

  • Protocol relative jQuery and Conditionizr URLs
  • Protocol relative URLs for all enqueued scripts and styles
  • Added French language translation file to /languages/ from Kevin Plattret
  • Fixed search form bug by adding name="s" attribute
  • Neater comments for headings in functions.php (same as style.css)
  • Add date ordered contributors to ReadMe.

1.3.5 (26 March, 2013)

  • Update jQuery CDN to use $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] to server HTTPS if needed
  • Edit Google Analytics string to cater for SSL/HTTPS (footer.php)
  • Added Spanish language translation file to /languages/ from Carlos Pinar
  • Indent <head> and <body> elements for better code readability
  • Add X-UA-Compatible meta tag to <head> to force Chrome Frame/latest document mode in IE (edge)
  • Format the <head> by grouping similar elements
  • Enhance footer.php indentation
  • Change footer.php fallback text
  • Removed HTML comments from comments.php and changed ID to class
  • Improve Conditionizr formatting in header.php
  • Set Conditionizr scripts/styles to false by default (classes true)
  • Change pagination ID to class for better CSS
  • Improve indentation in 404.php for child element
  • Update screenshot.png
  • Update default HTML5 Blank logo and gravatar

1.3.4 (22 March, 2013)

  • Update Conditionizr to version 2.2.0
  • Replaced <aside> id with a class for better CSS
  • Better naming conventions for search form, more class focused
  • Removed JavaScript onfocus/onblur events in search input
  • Replaced onfocus/onblur events with HTML5 placeholder for 'Search' (this is fine for non-supporting browsers as the search button indicates it's a search input)
  • Search <input> has been replaced to a <button> for more flexibility, allows HTML content
  • Removed font-smoothing from Opera and Mozilla as no longer supported

1.3.3 (03 March, 2013)

  • Hook up Conditionizr to theme Directory using WordPress theme URI hooks

1.3.2 (22 February, 2013)

  • Optimise body CSS declaration to shorthand
  • Remove inner wrapper inside header element, wrapper now wraps all content
  • Added header and footer classes to elements to encourage class styling over element declaration (i.e. header {} always use .header {} class etc.)

1.3.1 (13 February, 2013)

  • Restructured CSS file, better architecture
  • Focused CSS document on a more OOCSS approach (part of restructure)
  • Split CSS into; Main, Structure, Pages, Images, Typography, Responsive, Misc, Print
  • Moved away from single-line CSS formatting to multiple-line formatting for clearer code
  • CSS indentation formatting, new lines for shared selectors
  • Update jQuery to version 1.9.1, Google CDN and CloudFlare CDN
  • Update Conditionizr to CDNJS CloudFlare v2.1.1
  • Removed mediaqueries.min.js, do we really need older browsers to be responsive, HTML5Shiv (built-in Modernizr) is enough
  • Updated scripts.js to ride off Modernizr.svg feature detect and remove custom script detect

1.3.0 (09 February, 2013)

  • Remove jquery.min.js 'local' fallback from /js/ folder, simply fallback to another CDN (CloudFlare), see footer.php, saves code and maintenance across all sites
  • Remove Google Analytics and jQuery fallback from functions.php injection, added manually in footer.php
  • Setup Conditionizr to supply an HTML5Shim to Less Than IE9 browsers
  • Updates Conditionizr to v1.2.0, enhanced retina detection and unlimited 'customScript', for polyfill usage (e.g. using respond.js and html5shim together)
  • Added Romanian language translation file to /languages/

1.2.9 (03 February, 2013)

  • Readded //, the raw JavaScript version 50% faster, previously removed to work on jQuery-free Conditionizr

1.2.8 (30 January, 2013)

  • Added Google Analytics DNS Prefetch to header.php to reduce DNS latency

1.2.7 (23 January, 2013)

  • Update to jQuery 1.9.0
  • Removed Conditionizr
  • Remove Apple Touch Icons

1.2.6 (24 December, 2012)

  • Conditionizr legacy script and style loader added
    • Conditional statements removed from HTML tag (HTML classes added dynamically with Conditionizr)
    • Conditional statement for mediaqueries.min.js removed (added dynamically with Conditionizr, included inside scripts.js)
    • conditionizr.min.js and conditionizr.js enqueued
    • /css/conditionizr/ added with browser styles
    • /js/conditionizr/ added with browser scripts
  • Shortened ViewPort meta tag with user scalable enabled

1.2.5 (09 December, 2012)

  • Added SVG support in scripts.js for SVG graphics
  • Shorten DOM ready function call to shorthand
  • Removed web app capable meta tag, kept viewport
  • CSS3 Media Queries JavaScript polyfill added to header.php
  • Included default .wrapper style for fluid-first responsive approach
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.8.3
  • Split stylesheets with separate call for Normalize as reset
  • Global Box Sizing and Font-Smoothing on all elements

1.2.4 (15 October, 2012)

  • Custom Comments callback - wp_list_comments('type=comment&callback=html5blankcomments'); editable comments now in functions.php
  • Custom default Gravatar now built in, with demo gravatar.jpg inside the 'img' folder, swap it out
  • Changed date format from the_date to the_time('F j, Y')
  • Changed time format from the_time to the_time('g:i a')
  • Changes above show the exact same when parsed, but have been changed due to the way WordPress works, which only shows one 'Date' for posts created on the same day. More here.

1.2.3 (13 October, 2012)

  • Responsive Thumbnail support, added a function which removes width and height dynamic attributes from thumbnail

1.2.2 (09 October, 2012)

  • Modified function - jQuery CDN fallback to get_template_directory_uri() instead of bloginfo('template_url')
  • Add Support for Custom Header
  • Tweaked support for Custom Background, added default color and placeholder background image

1.2.1 (07 October, 2012)

  • Custom callback for wp_nav_menu, now in functions.php with html5blank_nav(); in header.php
  • JavaScript added to 'scripts.js', hides URL bar after page load on iPhone/iPad, great for responsive projects
  • Meta tag 'apple-mobile-web-app-capable' added to header.php
  • Meta tag 'apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style' added to header.php

1.2.0 (03 October, 2012)

  • Merged pull request from J-Rabe
  • Localisation-support for all theme strings and empty *.pot for further translations
  • German translation added by J-Rabe
  • Functions.php includes new function 'load_theme_textdomain' for language support
  • Loop.php created to handle the Loop core, with get_template_part inclusion for relevant files
  • Loop.php includes conditional result for search results
  • Swapped bloginfo('template_url'); for echo get_template_directory_uri(); on Logo + Favicon
  • home_url instead of bloginfo('home')

1.1.2 (02 October, 2012)

  • Merged pull request for comments.php code changes
  • Merged pull request to remove 'rel' attribute from categories
  • Filter added to remove autop paragraph function from Excerpts (Manual only)
  • Filter added to allow shortcodes to execute inside Excerpts (Manual only)
  • Filter added to strip autop tags altogether from Excerpts

1.1.1 (30 September, 2012)

  • Enhanced author template
  • Enhanced 404 page with return home link
  • Semantic HTML enhancements
  • Added 'published by the_author' hooks as a default
  • Suggested include of WordPress Core CSS styles, now added

1.1.0 (29 September, 2012)

  • Core template files restructure
  • Semantic HTML enhancements
  • Google analytics (optimised) dynamically loaded through functions.php in footer
  • jQuery protocol relative fallback dynamically loaded through functions.php in footer
  • Hardcoded footer.php content (analytics and jquery) removed as it's dynamically loaded now
  • The Loop 'if, while, the' all inline, now inside parent section element
  • Pagination links brought inside section element, outside of The Loop after our article
  • Section elements brought outside The Loop to hold all page content
  • The Loop 'else' content wrapper in article tag for markup/layout consistencies
  • Post ID and Post Class added to article elements
  • Category support for 'the category' title
  • Enhanced Default Template page and Template Demo Page (page.php and template-demo.php)
  • Threaded comments support
  • Few obvious annotations removed
  • Small typo in annotation 'function.php' changed to 'functions.php'
  • Update theme default logo with new branding
  • CSS tweak for default hyperlink color change to match Logo blue

1.0.2 (28 September, 2012)

  • Update CDN and local jQuery fallbacks from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2
  • Conditional page loads script added to functions.php
  • Added Custom Background support into functions.php
  • Remove WordPress Admin bar by default
  • Remove 'text/css' from enqueued stylesheet
  • Updated screenshot.png logo to new HTML5 Blank branding
  • CSS change, :focus changed to input:focus as FireFox was adding focus styles to any element
  • CSS change, new Chrome updates renders fonts thicker, reduced font-weight on body from 400 to 300
  • CSS change, create non-semantic section below media queries, moved text-selection colors etc
  • CSS change, default font-family for h1-h6 Helvetica Neue with Helvetica/Arial fallbacks (previous Georgia)
  • CSS header theme details updated to new URL
  • Move to new domain
  • Favicon support for theme directory favicon.ico
  • Apple touch icon support, drag into root folder
  • and added and fully updated

1.0.1 (27 September, 2012)

  • Commit
  • Commit
  • Commit of Empty Fonts folder with readme.txt inside (for GitHub detection)

1.0.0 (16 September, 2012)

  • Initial commit