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Release history of Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA
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Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA is an XS perl module designed to provide basic RSA
functionality.  It does this by providing a glue to the RSA functions
in the openSSL library.  In particular, it provides the following functions:

       loadPublicKey, loadPrivateKey - load a key from a string
       getPublicKeyString, getPrivateKeyString - save a key to a string
       generateKey - make a new key
       encypt, decrypt 
       setPaddingMode, getPaddingMode
       size -  Returns the size, in bytes, of the key.
       checkKey - checks the validity of a key.

       Currently many XS routines croak rather than trying to
       intelligently signal an error.  This is mostly in cases
       where a routine is called without adequate preparation,
       such as asking to encrypt before setting a key.

       There appears to be some small memory leaks in functions
       (notably _loadKey, probably others).  This is presumably
       due to failure to decrement a reference count somewhere - I
       just haven't found out where yet.  In any event, the leak appears
       to be reasonably small (a few bytes here and there).

       RSA_NO_PADDING_MODE does not work - I don't know yet if
       it's a problem with encryption, decryption, or both.

       The openssl functions RSA_public_decrypt, RSA_private_decrypt,
       RSA_sign and RSA_verify are not yet implemented.

       There is no support for encrypting text larger than the key-size.

       There is no Crypt::CBC support.
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