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Release history of Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA
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Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA is an XS perl module designed to provide basic RSA
functionality.  It does this by providing a glue to the RSA functions
in the openSSL library.  In particular, it provides the following functions:

       new_public_key, new_private_key - create a key from a string
       generate_key - make a new key
       get_public_key_string, get_private_key_string - save a key to a string
       encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify,
       use_pkcs1_oaep_padding, use_pkcs1_padding,
       use_sslv23_padding, use_no_padding
       use_md5_hash, use_sha1_hash, use_ripemd160_hash
       size - Returns the size, in bytes, of the key.
       check_key - checks the validity of a key.

  There is a small memory leak when generating new keys of more than 512 bits.

  The openssl functions RSA_public_decrypt, RSA_private_decrypt are
  not yet implemented.

  There is no support for encrypting text larger than the key-size.

  There is no Crypt::CBC support.

NOTE: as of version 0.17, the following methods are DEPRECATED:
  - the no-arg new constructor - use new_from_public_key,
    new_from_private_key or Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA->generate_key instead
  - load_public_key - use new_from_public_key
  - load_private_key - use new_from_private_key
  - generate_key as an instance method - use it as a class constructor
    method instead.
  - set_padding_mode - use use_no_padding, use_pkcs1_padding,
    use_pkcs1_oaep_padding, or use_sslv23_padding instead.
  - get_padding_mode

While I plan a grace period of several months at least before removing
these methods, they will go away, so you should start migrating your
code now.  Of course, I am open to arguments why some or all of these
methods should be kept around longer/permanently; feel free to send email to
me at
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