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IO::Tty and IO::Pty provide an interface to pseudo tty's

To build this distribution, run

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

This version (v1.08) now adds posix_openpt() as a means of allocating 
the pty, thanks goes to Ed Schouten who provided a patch.

Please note that pty creation is very system-dependent, and there 
are a *lot* of different systems out there.  If you have problems 
on your system, please send me (<>) the output 
of a manual installation ('perl Makefile.PL; make; make test;') 
and I'll see what I can deduce from it.

Supported systems include Linux, Solaris, AIX, OSF, *BSD, IRIX, HP-UX
and Darwin.

Windows is supported only under the Cygwin environment, see

Sorry, ActiveState Perl on Windows is NOT supported, basically 
because there are no pseudo-terminals under Windows. 

If it's working on your system, please send me a short note with
details (version number, distribution, etc. 'uname -a' and 'perl -V'
is a good start; also, the output from "perl Makefile.PL" contains a
lot of interesting info, so please include that as well) so I can get
an overview.  Thanks!

See the ChangeLog and the docs for details.

Oh, and many thanks to all testers, without their support this project
would still be limited to a few systems that I have access to.  Thanks
also to SourceForge ( who is hosting this and many other
projects, their services have made development and support a real
pleasure.  If you intend to donate something to the Open Source cause,
think about lending them a machine with a commercial OS license for
their compile farm!

Roland <>