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Revision history for Perl suite Locale::Maketext
* Correct two subtle typos in Locale::Maketext POD.
* No changes. Switch to version 1.25 for release to CPAN.
* Update to 1.25_01 from upstream blead for release testing
* Fix for case when lexicon translations contain substitionand literals with eval-non-safe characters.
RT #120457
* Swap out base for parent (bowtie) For: RT #119403
* typo fixes for Locale::Maketext
* POD fixes uncovered by the new Pod::Checker, not yet in core.
* Fix misparsing of maketext strings.
* Fix hash order dependency bug in tests
* Minor POD documentation update to sync with upstream blead.
* No changes. Production release after CPAN testers cleared.
* Update to 1.19_01 from upstream blead for release testing
Fix broken URLs in dist/Locale-Maketext/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod for RFCs
Keep verbatim pod in various dist/* pods within 79 cols
* Update to 1.19 from upstream blead
[perl #89896] Locale::Maketext test failure
when environment has variable containing unbalanced brackets
Suppress "Name used only once" warnings.
[perl #81888] Fix typos (spelling errors) in dist/*
* Release 1.17
Test release of 1.16_01, versioning even deprecated Guts modules.
This prevents CPAN upgrade circular heck. Thanks BinGOs
Tested version fix for CPAN by BinGOs. Bump to stable version and release to public
* Release 1.16
Blead commit bac7bf8 - Copy @_ to @_ to de-alias passed variables
to assure that the aliases cannot be altered during maketext calls.
Fix for CPAN RT #40727: infinite loop in
Locale::Maketext::Guts::_compile() when working with tainted values
Fix for CPAN RT #34182: Don't localize $@.
->maketext calls will now backup and restore $@ so that die messages are not suppressed.
Fix for CPAN RT #55461
%hash deprecated messages cleaned up with perl 5.12
Fix for CPAN RT #48118. Perl 76674
Speed and efficiency tweaks in _compile calls when string has no ~][ in it.
Fix for CPAN RT #48808. Perl 76668
I18N::LangTags use() fixups.
* Release 1.15 (included in perl 5.13.3; not released separately)
Locale::Maketext guts have been merged back into the main module
Fix for CPAN RT #46738. Perl 76354
Support for RO Lexicon hashes (External cache support)
* Release 1.14 (included in perl 5.11.2; not released separately)
In Locale::Maketext, avoid using defined @array and defined %hash.
Convert the odd Locale::Maketext test out from Test to Test::More.
2009-06-23 Adriano Ferreira
* Development release 1.13_82
One more recipe: on [numf,...] with decimal precision
2009-06-23 Adriano Ferreira
* Development release 1.13_81
Change a few straggling 'DEBUG and print' to 'DEBUG and warn' (thanks Dan Muey)
A start of a cookbook.
2009-06-23 Adriano Ferreira
* Development release 1.13_80
Fixes CPAN RT #25877 (thanks imacat)
Add a test for failure_handler_auto()
2008-05-28 Adriano Ferreira
* Release 1.13
New maintainer. No noteworthy changes.
When debugging is turned on, "DEBUG and warn" is now
used instead of "DEBUG and print". It makes web applications
happier. CPAN RT #36238
* Release 1.12
Many doc changes from RT.
Silenced some "used only once" warnings under Perl 5.10.
$@ is now localized in case it gets interpolated. This was added
a while ago, but now there's a test for it, too.
Added warnings and strict to tests.
Cleaning up some Perl::Critic gripes.
2007-05-07 Andy Lester
* Release 1.11_01
Fixed perlbug #33938
Started cleaning up source per Perl::Critic.
2005-11-10 Andy Lester
* Release 1.10:
New maintainer. No changes at all. Bumped up the version number
and released it so that I can get the RT queue and any future mail.
2004-03-30 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.09:
* Moved the language-preference-detecting code into new module
Thanks to Autrijus Tang for catching some errors in the dist!
2004-01-19 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.08:
* Corrected a one-line code bug in v1.07 that accidentally demoted
all en-* tags in cases of lexicon-groups that had an but no
en_*.pm. Thanks to Robert Spier for spotting this. Test added.
So don't use v1.07!
* Autrijus found some typos in the TPJ article. Fixed.
2004-01-11 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.07: Now uses a new and different rule for implicating
superordinate language tags in accept-language lists. Previously,
superordinates were just tacked onto the, so "en-US, ja", turned
into "en-US, ja, en". However, this turned out to be suboptimal
for many users of RT, a popular system using Maketext. The new
rule is that a tag implicates superordinate forms right after it,
unless those tags are explicitly stated elsewhere in the
accept-languages list. So "en-US ja" becomes "en-US en ja". If
you want "en" to be really lower, you have to actually state it
there: "en-US ja en" is left as-is.
The 04super.t and 05super.t tests in t/ have many many examples of
this, including some strange corner cases.
(In implementing this change, I also refactored some code in, for hopefully improved readability. However,
the above is the only actual change in behavior.)
2003-06-21 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.06: Now has "use utf8" to make the things work
happily. Some fancy footwork is required to make this work under
pre-utf8 perl versions.
2003-04-18 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.05: Different Makefile.PL, same .pm code.
Jesse Vincent, Hugo van der Sanden, and Jarkko Hietaniemi
encourage me to add this to the makefile:
($] < 5.008) ? () : ( INSTALLDIRS => 'perl'),
so that when you install this on a recent version of perl (5.8 or
later), the installation will overwrite the in your
core library directory. Email me if this produces trouble for any
of you folks out there, okay?
2003-04-02 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.04: Implementing proper HTTP "tag;q=rank" parsing for
get_handle. This should make all the difference for users/victims
of the current version of Safari, which uses that syntax as well
as inserts random languages with low q numbers.
Thanks to Jesse Vincent and the whole RT junta for finding this.
* Added more tests, now in t/
* Lots of typo fixes to Thanks to Evan A. Zacks for
patient help in finding them all.
2001-06-21 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.03: basically cosmetic tweaks to the docs and the
2001-06-20 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.02: EBCDIC-compatibility changes courtesy of Peter
Prymmer. Added [*,...] as alias for [quant,...] and [#,...] as an
alias for [numf,...]. Added some more things to
2001-05-25 Sean M. Burke
* Release 1.01: total rewrite. Docs are massive now.
Including TPJ13 article now.
2000-05-14 Sean M. Burke
* Release 0.18: only change, regrettably, is a better makefile,
and it my email address has changed.
1999-03-15 Sean M. Burke
* Release 0.17: Public alpha release
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