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=head1 NAME
pristine-bz2 - regenerate pristine bz2 files
B<pristine-bz2> [-vdk] gendelta I<file.bz2> I<delta>
B<pristine-bz2> [-vdk] genbz2 I<delta> I<file>
This is a complement to the pristine-tar(1) command. Normally you
don't need to run it by hand, since pristine-tar calls it as necessary
to handle .tar.bz2 files.
pristine-bz2 gendelta takes the specified I<bz2> file, and generates a
small binary I<delta> file that can later be used by pristine-bz2 genbz2
to recreate the original file.
pristine-bz2 genbz2 takes the specified I<delta> file, and compresses the
specified input I<file> (which must be identical to the contents of the
original bz2 file). The resulting file will be identical to
the original gz file used to create the delta.
The approach used to regenerate the original bz2 file is to figure out
how it was produced -- what compression level was used, whether it was
built with bzip2(1) or with pbzip2(1).
Note that other tools exist, like bzip2smp or dbzip2, but they are
said to be bit-identical with bzip2. Anyway, bzip2 looks like the most
widespread implementation, so it's hard to find bzip2 files that make
pristine-bz2 fail. Please report!
The deprecated bzip1 compression method hasn't been implemented.
If the delta filename is "-", pristine-bz2 reads or writes it to stdio.
=head1 OPTIONS
=over 4
=item -v
Verbose mode, show each command that is run.
=item -d
Debug mode.
=item -k
Don't clean up the temporary directory on exit.
=item -t
Try harder to determine how to generate deltas of difficult bz2 files.
=over 4
=item B<TMPDIR>
Specifies a location to place temporary files, other than the default.
=head1 AUTHOR
Joey Hess <>,
Faidon Liambotis <>,
Cyril Brulebois <>
Licensed under the GPL, version 2.
use warnings;
use strict;
use Pristine::Tar;
use Pristine::Tar::Delta;
use Pristine::Tar::Formats;
use File::Basename qw/basename/;
use IO::Handle;
delete $ENV{BZIP};
delete $ENV{BZIP2};
my @supported_bzip2_programs = qw(bzip2 pbzip2 zgz);
my $try=0;
commands => {
usage => [\&usage],
genbz2 => [\&genbz2, 2],
gendelta => [\&gendelta, 2],
options => {
"t|try!" => \$try,
sub usage {
print STDERR "Usage: pristine-bz2 [-vdkt] gendelta file.bz2 delta\n";
print STDERR " pristine-bz2 [-vdkt] genbz2 delta file\n";
sub readbzip2 {
my $filename = shift;
if (! is_bz2($filename)) {
error "This is not a valid BZip2 archive.";
open(BZIP2, "< $filename")
or die("Could not open '$filename' for reading: $!\n");
my $chars;
if (read(BZIP2, $chars, 4) != 4) {
die("Unable to read from input\n");
my ($id1, $id2, $method, $level)
= unpack("CCCC", $chars);
# we actually want the value, not the ascii position
if ($level !~ /^[1-9]$/) {
error "Unknown compression level $level\n";
return ($level);
sub predictbzip2args {
my ($level, $program) = @_;
my @args;
push @args, "-$level";
if ($program eq 'zgz') {
push @args, '--old-bzip2';
return @args;
sub comparefiles {
my ($old, $new) = (shift, shift);
system('cmp', '-s', $old, $new);
if ($? == -1 || $? & 127) {
die("Failed to execute cmp: $!\n");
return $? >> 8;
sub testvariant {
my ($old, $tmpin, $bzip2_program, @args) = @_;
# some compressors eat the uncompressed file, some
# do not; restore as needed. (Note that file name,
# mode, mtime do not matter to bzip2.)
if (! -e $tmpin) {
doit("cp", "$tmpin.bak", "$tmpin");
my $new=$tmpin.'.bz2';
# try bzip2'ing with the arguments passed
if ($bzip2_program ne 'zgz') {
doit($bzip2_program, @args, $tmpin);
else {
doit_redir($tmpin, $new, $bzip2_program, @args);
unless (-e $new) {
die("$bzip2_program failed, aborting");
# and compare the generated with the original
return !comparefiles($old, $new);
sub reproducebzip2 {
my $orig=shift;
my $wd=tempdir();
my $tmpin="$wd/test";
doit_redir($orig, "$tmpin.bak", "bzip2", "-dc");
# read fields from bzip2 headers
my ($level) = readbzip2($orig);
debug("level: $level");
foreach my $program (@supported_bzip2_programs) {
# try to guess the bzip2 arguments that are needed by the
# header information
my @args = predictbzip2args($level, $program);
testvariant($orig, $tmpin, $program, @args)
&& return $program, @args;
# 7z has a weird syntax, not supported yet, as not seen in the wild
#testvariant($orig, $tmpin, "7z", "-mx$level", "a", "$tmpin.bz2")
# && return "7z", "-mx$level", "a" ; # XXX need to include outfile
# pbzip2 -b option affects output, but cannot be detected from a
# header.
if ($try) {
my @args = predictbzip2args($level, "pbzip2");
print STDERR "pristine-bz2 will have to try especially hard to reproduce $orig\n";
print STDERR "(This could take a long time.)\n";
my %tried;
$tried{9}=1; # default
# Try searching for likely candidates first, and fill in.
# It could go higher than 100, but have to stop somewhere.
foreach my $try (1..10,
15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95,
1..100) {
next if $tried{$try};
print STDERR "\r\tblock size: $try ";
testvariant($orig, $tmpin, "pbzip2", "-b${try}", @args) &&
return "pbzip2", "-b${try}", @args;
print STDERR "\n";
print STDERR "pristine-bz2 failed to reproduce build of $orig\n";
print STDERR "(Please file a bug report.)\n";
exit 1;
sub genbz2 {
my $deltafile=shift;
my $file=shift;
my $delta=Pristine::Tar::Delta::read(Tarball => $deltafile);
Pristine::Tar::Delta::assert($delta, type => "bz2", maxversion => 2,
fields => [qw{params program}]);
my @params=split(' ', $delta->{params});
foreach my $param (@params) {
next if $param=~/^(-[1-9])$/;
next if $param eq '--old-bzip2';
die "paranoia check failed on params from delta (@params)";
my $program=$delta->{program};
if (! grep { $program eq $_ } @supported_bzip2_programs) {
die "paranoia check failed on program from delta ($program)";
if ($program eq 'zgz') {
# unlike bzip2, zgz only uses sdio
doit_redir($file, "$file.bz2", $program, @params);
else {
doit($program, @params, $file);
doit("rm", "-f", $file);
sub gendelta {
my $bzip2file=shift;
my $deltafile=shift;
my ($program, @params) = reproducebzip2($bzip2file);
Pristine::Tar::Delta::write(Tarball => $deltafile, {
version => '2.0',
type => 'bz2',
params => "@params",
program => $program,
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