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Slack D&D

A collection of endpoints to help you play D&D in your slack chat room.


  1. A publically accessible server running node (or abilty to reverse proxy back to your node server);
  2. node.js


npm i -g slack-dnd
slack-dnd --host [hostname ||] --port [port || 3000] --token [Your Slack integration token] --group [Group ID to restrict usage to]

Slack set up

If you add a custom emoji for the :dm: command, it'll use that as the avatar for the icon. I highly recommend using a visage of dungeon master from the 80s D&D cartoon!


  1. Add a new slash command with the following settings:
  • Command: /roll
  • URL: http://yourhost.com/roll
  • Method: get
  • Label: roll dice!
  1. Set up a new incoming webhook
  • Choose a channel to integrate with (this doesn't matter -- it'll always respond to the channel you called it from)
  • Get your token from this page (this is what you'll use when you launch the server)

Or if you like pictures: slash command