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// BitMapFont.h
#import "Global.h"
@class Image;
#define kMaxCharsInFont 223
// Structure used to store information on each character in the font being used
typedef struct _BitmapFontChar {
int charID;
int x;
int y;
int width;
int height;
int xOffset;
int yOffset;
int xAdvance;
Image *image;
float scale;
} BitmapFontChar;
// Enumerators used to define what type of justification should be used when rendering in a frame
enum {
// Whilst looking for how to render Bitmap Fonts I found this page
// They have an application which can take a true type font and turn it into a spritesheet and control file.
// With these files you can then render a string to the screen using the font generated. I develop on a Mac of
// course so was disappointed that this app was for Windows. Fear not, luckily a tool has been developed by
// Kev Glass over at for use with his open source Java 2D game library.
// The app is called Hiero.
// This generates the necessary image file and control file in the format defined on the AngelCode Font website.
// Hiero has also been updated recently to handle Unicode fonts as well accoriding to the forums and this new
// versions webstart can be found here
// Being Java this version will work on any platform :o)
// This implementation has been tested against the output from Hiero V2
@interface BitmapFont : NSObject {
Image *image; // Image file that contains the fonts spritesheet
BitmapFontChar *charsArray; // Array of BitmapFontChar objects that will hold all the define font characters
int lineHeight; // The common line height of the entire font found in the control file
Color4f fontColor; // The color to be used when rendering this font. This can be changed at any time
@property(nonatomic, retain) Image *image;
@property(nonatomic, assign) Color4f fontColor;
// Designated initializer that creates a new BitmapFont instance. This initializer
// accepts the filename and type of the image file that contains the fonts texture atlas,
// a control file which has the information on where in the texture atlas each character
// is plus details of the spacing etc needed for each character
- (id)initWithFontImageNamed:(NSString*)aFileName controlFile:(NSString*)aControlFile scale:(Scale2f)aScale filter:(GLenum)aFilter;
- (id)initWithImage:(Image *)aImage controlFile:(NSString *)aControlFile scale:(Scale2f)aScale filter:(GLenum)aFilter;
// Renders the string provided at the designated point
- (void)renderStringAt:(CGPoint)aPoint text:(NSString*)aText;
// Renders the string provided justified within the frame provided. The justification used is defined by the
// justification enum supplied
- (void)renderStringJustifiedInFrame:(CGRect)aRect justification:(int)aJustification text:(NSString*)aText;
// Returns the width of the string provided
- (int)getWidthForString:(NSString*)string;
// Returns the height of the string provided
- (int)getHeightForString:(NSString*)string;
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