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@@ -17,15 +17,15 @@ The goal of the project is to allow MySQL triggers to store data in MongoDB. By
* Use git to clone the Mongo C Driver repo into /usr/local/lib
* Complile the latest version of MongoDB C Diver using the instructions provided [here]( * Do not use v0.4 of the driver as the instructions state. Compile using HEAD. *
- ~$ gcc --std=c99 -shared -Wall -fPIC \
+ $ gcc --std=c99 -shared -Wall -fPIC \
-I/usr/include/mysql \
-I/usr/local/lib/mongo-c-driver/src \
/usr/local/lib/mongo-c-driver/ \
/usr/local/lib/mongo-c-driver/ \
-o \
- ~$ sudo cp /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/
- ~$ sudo service mysql restart
+ $ sudo cp /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/
+ $ sudo service mysql restart
### Registering the UDF functions with MySQL
USE mysql;
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