Small project to create a clientless xenimus bot
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Small project to create a clientless xenimus bot

This project is not going to get too much time put into it. I dont have very much free time to devote right now, but i wanted to get this all put up for others to use if they want.

Im on a linux machine (Xubuntu) and the command i currently use to compile the project is: g++ main.cpp packet.cpp crypto.cpp xmlParser.cpp -pthread -std=c++11 -o bot

06/15/2016 - Pushed an update to this code. Its currently working just fine for the purposed it was created for, but doesnt have very much AI or options right now. Its a good base point for anyone looking to build their own though.

02/10/2017 - havent played this game in 6+ months. I have a lot of unpublished code for this project. If you are actually intested in this, contact me and ill send it to you.