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Console Logging Helper

Console helper is a tool created for easy logging and debuging your application using build in browser console such as in Chrome and Firefox (with Firebug). It provides simple methods for printing out your messages and variables


You will need to setup your browser, but in most case you probably use it before when debuging your apps in javascript.

  • For Google Chrome you should get ChromePHP extension from first. Besides that no other configuration is needed. All you have to do is to enable ChromePHP on your domain by clicking on its icon.
  • For Firefox you should have Firebug addon installed and new FirePHP Companion from [ Companion LITE]( Companion LITE "FirePHP Companion"). This module was designed to be as simple as possible so default settings for FirePHP allow debuging from any domain, none secret keys are set and so. Of course you may modify the default settings. To do so, just take a look at files in vendor/firephp and change your configs. Remember to authorize the current domain in Console tab after generating authorize key in Companion (Insight tab) window.


Configuration before using the helper is really simple. Just add the module in your bootstrap.php, no other configuration is required.

If you want to use console logger simply add a line

Kohana::$log->attach(new Kohana_Log_Console);

somewhere in your bootstrap.php after enabling the module.

Constructor automatically detects your browser and loads appropriate driver for its logging. If your browser does not support console logging ie. extensions not installed or you are viewing the page from other browser, messages will simply be not displayed.


For now Console Logging Helper supports only few message types and options. Hopefully that will increase in the future. Those are:

  • Log message - simple output to console
  • Error message - usually when something went wrong, using Kohana_Log_Console this will be displayed if the type is Kohana::ERROR ('ERROR')
  • Warning message - using Kohana_Log_Console this will be displayed if the type is Kohana::ALERT ('ALERT') or Kohana::WARN (this was added and the value is WARN)
  • Info message - currently supported only in Firefox's FirePHP, using Kohana_Log_Console this will be displayed if the type is Kohana::INFO ('INFO'). In Chrome console it will be displayed as regular log message.
  • Grouped messages - use this if you want to group your messages. You can make the group expanded (currently not working for FirePHP with no particullar reason :( )

Any other message type will be displayed just like log message.


All logging methods are chainable, so you can easily operate using one console object.

$console = Console::instance();

// For log message
$console->log('log message');

// For warning message
$console->warn('warning message');

// For error message
$console->error('error message');

// For info message (only in FirePHP)
$console->info('info message');

// For grouped messages
// For expended group
$console->group_open('group2', TRUE)
	->log('grouped log message')
	->warn('grouped warning')
	->error('grouped error message')
// Regular logging will work as well and you
// will get all messages in your browser's console 
Kohana::$log->add(Kohana::ALERT, 'warning message');
Kohana::$log->add(Kohana::WARN, 'warning message');
Kohana::$log->add(Kohana::ERROR, 'error message');
Kohana::$log->add(Kohana::INFO, 'info message');
Kohana::$log->add(Kohana::DEBUG, 'some other type message');