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To install:

  • download the repository as a zip file (or clone it)
  • unzip it to somewhere you can find on your computer. Leave the HitchHiker-master folder intact
  • Open up Google Chrome and type chrome://extensions into the address bar
  • Click the 'Developer Mode' toggle in the upper right corner
  • Click the 'Load Unpacked' button that appears after you turn on developer mode
  • Load in the 'HitchHiker-master' folder
  • Turn on the extension
  • Visit any new website
  • You should see a hitchhiking thumb icon in the upper right corner of your browser. Click it.
  • If you are going to be in the audience, click audience then enter the room name your guide has given you.

Installation Video Guide

To test:

  • Install a second version of chrome
  • Follow the steps above for the new version of chrome
  • Start a hitchhiker session with one browser as guide and one as audience
  • Test out actions on the guide side and see the results on the audience side

To add your own functionality:

  • Add a javascript file (.js) to the src/user_created folder. The name of the javascript file must be the same name you use as the room name for your performance/tour. When these names are the same, the script will be loaded as a content script on every page you visit.
  • To run specific functions from your added script, click the thumb icon and write the name of the function under 'User-Created Content'
  • Press enter or click the 'Run' button to run the function
  • You can pass up to one parameter to the function, which will be a string of everything following the first space
    • For example: typing 'addH1 wow this is fun' would run 'addH1("wow this is fun")'
  • You can also run external functions by using the shift+space console and starting with "f "
    • For example: typing into the shift+space console "f addH1 nacho cheese" would run 'addH1("nacho cheese")'
  • When your script is ready for other people to use, you can send it to Todd or put in a pull request here
    • It is intentionally difficult to directly run code from your computer on other connected computers because of the many malicious uses of such a set up. For the time-being, Todd will be personally checking all code before it gets bundled with the project


A chrome extension for remote performances on other people's computers






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