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This file is no longer maintained. Consult the Git log for newer changes.
2009-09-27 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: pplying a patch from Yoshimasa Niwa resolving
a possible runaway CPU issue when matching context regexes
2008-08-11 Doug Kearns <>
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: match irbrc as a Ruby filetype
2008-07-15 Doug Kearns <>
* FAQ, README, etc/website/index.html: update the references to
RubyGarden's VimRubySupport page
2008-07-08 Doug Kearns <>
* NEWS: begin updating for the pending release
2008-06-29 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: resolve a typo in the configuration initialization
2008-06-29 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: revert highlighting of - as number
2008-06-29 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: fix quirk in optional argument handling
2008-06-29 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: don't match $_foo as an invalid variable
2008-04-25 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/eruby.vim, syntax/eruby.vim: guard against recursion
2008-04-21 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: don't let ruby indent %> lines
* indent/ruby.vim: hack around <%= and <%- from eruby
2008-04-20 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: don't highlight x /= y as regexp
2008-02-17 Tim Pope <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Copy previous string indent inside strings
2008-02-13 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: keepend on // regexps and add \/ escape
2008-02-01 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: switch vim variable checking to a more
rubyish method
2008-01-31 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: setlocal, not set indentexpr
2008-01-28 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: better heuristic for regexps as method arguments
2008-01-25 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight several regexp constructs
2008-01-21 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: per Bram's advice, use 'W' searchpair flag
2008-01-21 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: indent { and } like do and end
2007-12-17 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: treat <%- like <%
2007-10-01 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: removed some false positives (e.g., include?, nil?)
2007-09-14 Tim Pope <>
* compiler/rspec.vim: new compiler plugin for rspec
2007-09-06 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/eruby.vim: remove Vim 5.x specific sections
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight negative sign in numbers
2007-08-07 Tim Pope <>
* indent/ruby.vim: fix while/until/for match in skip regexp
2007-07-30 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight undef like def
2007-07-16 Tim Pope <>
* indent/ruby.vim: prevent symbols like :for from indenting
2007-07-14 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/eruby.vim: fixed ALLBUT clauses to refer to right group
2007-06-22 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: include operator highlighting in class/module
declarations (for ::)
2007-06-04 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: fixed %s() highlighting
2007-05-26 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: added rubyBlockParameter to @rubyNoTop
2007-05-25 Tim Pope <>
* indent/ruby.vim: removed string delimiters from string matches
2007-05-25 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: cleaned up string highlighting
* indent/ruby.vim: lines starting with strings are no longer ignored
2007-05-22 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: made module declaration match mirror class
declaration match
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: added .irbrc
2007-05-16 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: revert from using TOP to ALLBUT
2007-05-15 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/eruby.vim: handle %%> properly
2007-05-14 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: fixed problem highlighting [foo[:bar]]
* syntax/ruby.vim: don't highlight = in {:foo=>"bar"}
2007-05-11 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: GetRubyIndent() takes an argument for debugging
* doc/ft-ruby-syntax.txt: clean up some cruft
2007-05-09 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: added module_function keyword
2007-05-06 Tim Pope <>
* doc/ft-ruby-syntax.txt: bring into sync with upstream
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: Rails extensions
2007-05-06 Tim Pope <>
* NEWS: update documentation for next release
* syntax/eruby.vim: allow for nesting (foo.erb.erb)
* syntax/ruby.vim: removed : from rubyOptionalDoLine (falsely matches
on symbols, and the syntax is deprecated anyways)
2007-05-06 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: maps for [[, ]], [], ][, [m, ]m, [M, ]M
2007-05-06 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/eruby.vim, syntax/eruby.vim: added a default subtype option
2007-05-06 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Highlight punctuation variables in string
interpolation, and flag invalid ones as errors
2007-05-05 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: eliminated some false positves for here docs,
symbols, ASCII codes, and conditionals as statement modifiers
* syntax/ruby.vim: added "neus" to regexp flags
2007-04-24 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/eruby.vim, syntax/eruby.vim: fixed typo in subtype
2007-04-20 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/eruby.vim, syntax/eruby.vim: refined subtype detection
2007-04-17 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight %s() as a symbol, not a string
* ftplugin/eruby.vim: determine and use eruby subtype
2007-04-16 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: add *.erb to the browse filter
* indent/eruby.vim: use 'indentexpr' from subtype
2007-04-16 Tim Pope <>
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: detect *.erb as eruby
* syntax/eruby.vim: determine subtype by inspecting filename
2007-04-03 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow text to appear after, and on the same line,
as '=begin' in rubyDocumentation regions
2007-03-31 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: add break, redo, next, and retry to b:match_words
2007-03-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add matchgroup to rubyArrayLiteral so that
contained square brackets do not match in the start/end patterns
2007-03-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: don't match [!=?] as part of a sigil prefixed
symbol name
2007-03-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: rename the rubyNoDoBlock, rubyCaseBlock,
rubyConditionalBlock, and rubyOptionalDoBlock syntax groups to
rubyBlockExpression, rubyCaseExpression, rubyConditionalExpression,
and rubyRepeatExpression respectively
2007-03-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove accidentally included matchgroup from
2007-03-20 Doug Kearns <>
* indent/ruby.vim: ignore instance, class, and global variables named
"end" when looking to deindent the closing end token
2007-03-20 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim, syntax/eruby.vim: remove the Vim version 5
compatibility code
2007-03-20 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add rubyArrayLiteral syntax group for folding
multiline array literals
2007-03-19 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight the scope and range operators when
ruby_operators is set; simplify block parameter highlighting by adding
the rubyBlockParameterList syntax group
2007-03-17 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: when ruby_operators is set don't match '>' in '=>';
fix some minor bugs in the highlighting of pseudo operators and
contain TOP in rubyBracketOperator
2007-03-17 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow regexp literals to be highlighted after the
'else' keyword
2007-03-09 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Added OPTIMIZE alongside FIXME and TODO. Mirrors
Edge Rails' new annotations extractor tasks.
2007-03-09 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: Skip class= and for= with matchit (really belongs
in ftplugin/eruby.vim).
2007-03-05 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: add sigil prefixed identifiers to b:match_skip
2007-03-03 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: simplify the b:match_words pattern by making
better use of b:match_skip in concert with the previous syntax group
2007-03-03 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add rubyConditionalModifier and rubyRepeatModifier
syntax groups for conditional and loop modifiers and match the
optional 'do' or ':' in looping statements with a new rubyOptionalDo
syntax group
2007-03-02 Doug Kearns <>
* NEWS: fix typo
2007-03-02 Doug Kearns <>
* NEWS: update documentation for next release
2007-03-02 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Cope with (nonsensical) inclusion of : in
2007-03-02 Tim Pope <>
* NEWS: Documented changes to omnicompletion.
2007-03-02 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: refine the conditional/loop expression vs
modifier matchit heuristic
2007-03-01 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: refine the conditional/loop expression vs modifier
highlighting heuristic
2007-02-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight conditional and loop expressions properly
when used with the ternary operator and in blocks
2007-02-28 Doug Kearns <>
* NEWS, CONTRIBUTORS: update documentation for next release
2007-02-27 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: Provide 'balloonexpr'.
2007-02-27 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add rubyPredefinedVariable to short-form
rubyInterpolation's contains list
2007-02-27 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: :retab! the file to save a few bytes
2007-02-26 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Limit then, else, elsif, and when to inside
conditional statements.
2007-02-26 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: make sure 'class << self' is always highlighted
2007-02-26 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: reorganise string interpolation syntax groups
2007-02-26 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight interpolation regions preceded by
multiple backslashes properly
2007-02-26 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight methods named "end" when the definition
is distributed over multiple lines (i.e. allow more "def end" madness)
2007-02-25 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Highlight predefined global variables in aliases.
2007-02-25 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Highlight symbols and global variables in aliases.
Highlight capitalized method names.
2007-02-24 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: set keywordprg=ri
* syntax/ruby.vim: Allow for "def end" madness
2007-02-24 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow escape sequences and interpolation inside
symbol 'names' specified with a string
2007-02-24 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight == and & 'operator' redefinitions
2007-02-23 Tim Pope <>
* doc/ft-ruby-syntax.txt: Recommend hi link rubyIdentifier NONE over
2007-02-23 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Fixed method highlighting when not at the end of
the line. Highlight aliases. Account for \ before #{} interpolation.
2007-02-23 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: make sure multi-line backslash escaped
interpolation regions are highlighted as rubyString
2007-02-23 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: link the rubyLoop syntax group to the Repeat
highlight group
2007-02-22 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: Fixed an edge case.
* syntax/ruby.vim: Simpler method and class declaration highlighting.
Changed some contains=ALLBUT,... to contains=TOP. Altered some
highlight links: rubyConstant is now Type; rubySymbol is now Constant.
New groups like rubyLoop and rubyCondition.
2007-02-22 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight short format interpolated variables
2007-02-20 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Place class/module declarations in a separate
group. Allow self to be highlighted in a method declaration.
2007-02-18 Tim Pope <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Separate Regexp group. Nest Ruby code inside
string interpolation. Restored highlighting of method, class, and
module declarations.
2007-02-10 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: only reset 'ofu' if it exists and was set by the
ftplugin (for Vim 6 compatibility)
2007-01-22 Tim Pope <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: Limited path detection code to Windows, again.
2006-12-13 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: added support for lambda and '&' defined
2006-12-07 Mark Guzman <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: modified the path detection code use
the built-in interpreter if it's available in all cases.
2006-12-04 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: Special case for "end" on first line of multi-line
eRuby block.
2006-12-03 Doug Kearns <>
* CONTRIBUTORS: add tpope
2006-12-01 Mark Guzman <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: changed the path detection code to use the
built-in interpreter if it's available under windows
2006-11-30 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: Display constants as defines. Added a
rails preloading option. Fixed a bug detecting ranges defined with
%r{. Added support for completion in rails migrations. Will now
fail-over to syntax completion automatically, if the vim isn't built
with ruby support. Added support for class detection using
ObjectSpace. Tweeked buffer searching code to find modules/classes
reliably in more cases.
2006-11-09 Tim Pope <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Only increase one 'shiftwidth' after a line ending
with an open parenthesis.
2006-11-08 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: Rearranged keywords; new 'indentkeys'
2006-11-08 Tim Pope <>
* indent/eruby.vim: new indenting algorithm
2006-11-08 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: don't include trailing whitespace in matches for
'def', 'class', and 'module' keywords
2006-10-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove accidently included nextgroup arg in
'heredoc' syntax group definitions
2006-10-24 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/eruby.vim: recognise '-' trim mode block delimiters (Nikolai
2006-09-19 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: improved rails view support. included
rails helpers in rails completions. kernel elements are also included
in default completions. improved the handling of "broken" code.
2006-09-07 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: autoload rubygems if possible. added
debugging print. clean up the buffer loading code a bit
2006-08-21 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: modified the buffer loading code to prevent
syntax errors from stopping completion
2006-07-12 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: added in-buffer method def handling. also
added an inital attempt at handling completion in a rails view
2006-07-11 Doug Kearns <>
* FAQ, INSTALL, NEWS, README, doc/ft-ruby-syntax.txt: update
documentation for next release
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: only set 'omnifunc' if Vim has been compiled with
the Ruby interface
2006-07-10 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: fold all multiline strings
2006-06-19 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: modified to change the default
buffer loading behavior. buffers are no longer loaded/parsed
automatically. enabling this feature requires setting the
variable g:rubycomplete_buffer_loading. this was done as
a security measure, the default vim7 install should not
execute any code.
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: symbol completion now works. i
tested with global symbols as well as rails symbols.
2006-05-26 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: fix typo
2006-05-25 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: added rails column support.
switched to dictionary with type specifiers for methods,
classes, and variables. started/added rails 1.0 support.
added rails database connection support.
2006-05-25 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: use a region for the rubyMultiLineComment syntax
group instead of a multiline match pattern as it is faster; rename
rubyMultiLineComment to rubyMultilineComment
2006-05-13 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: test for '&omnifunc', rather than the Vim
version, before setting it; add omnifunc to b:undo_ftplugin
2006-05-12 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match the pseudo operators such as '+=' when
ruby_operators is defined
2006-05-11 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: added checks for the existance of
global config variables per dkearns' patch. refined error messages
to use vim error style
2006-05-11 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: make sure rubyDocumentation is highlighted even if
ruby_no_comment_fold is defined; improve rubyDocumentation match
2006-05-09 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: make folding of comments configurable via the
ruby_no_comment_fold variable
* syntax/ruby.vim: add rubyMultiLineComment syntax group to allow
folding of comment blocks
2006-05-08 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: simplify rubyNoDoBlock, rubyOptDoLine match
* syntax/ruby.vim: add initial support for highlighting 'operators'.
This is off by default and enabled by defining the ruby_operators
* syntax/ruby.vim: if/unless immediately following a method name
should always be highlighted as modifiers and not the beginning of an
2006-05-07 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: Switched to script local vars,
per patch from dkearns. removed secondary array clause. applied
patch provided by dkearns, fixes input handling.
2006-05-07 Doug Kearns <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: set 'foldmethod' to marker in the
2006-05-03 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: add patterns for braces, brackets and parentheses
to b:match_words
2006-05-01 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: Added error trapping and messages
for class import errors
2006-04-28 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: started adding raw range support
1..2.<C-x><C-o>. fixed the symbol completion bug, where you
would end up with a double colon.
2006-04-27 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: added variable type detection for
Ranges. added handlers for string completion: "test".<C-x><C-o>
2006-04-26 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: removed cWORD expansion in favor of
grabbing the whole line. added support for completing variables
inside operations and parameter lists. removed excess cruft code.
removed commented code.
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: fixed the truncation code. this fixes
f.chomp! <C-x><C-o> returning chomp! again, where it should provide
the global list. It also fixes a.B, b.<C-x><C-o> returning a's
list when it should return b's.
2006-04-26 Doug Kearns <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: set 'expandtab' properly
2006-04-25 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: started stripping out preceding
assigment operation stuff. "x = A", would attempt to complete
A using the global list. I've started removing old/commented
code in an effort to slim down the file.
2006-04-25 Doug Kearns <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: remove excess whitespace
* indent/ruby.vim: make sure 'smartindent' is disabled
2006-04-24 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: fixed a completion bug where the entered
text was not taken to account. it will now be used to limit the entries
2006-04-24 Doug Kearns <>
* Rakefile: add vim help files, the new FAQ and rubycomplete.vim to
the gemspec file list
2006-04-22 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: changed the rails load code to match the
console load, we're now pulling everything in. completion of class
members from within the class definition now works properly.
2006-04-21 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: renamed the vim global variable
controlling the addition of classes defined in the current buffer to
the global completion list
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: the global variable list is now sorted
and dups are removed
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: fixed a bug with rails support, where
rails standard methods would be added to a completion list when not
in a rails project
* doc/ft-ruby-omni.txt: added information about the classes in global
completion option
2006-04-21 Doug Kearns <>
* doc/ft-ruby-omni.txt: add highlighting to example setting of
g:rubycomplete_rails variable
2006-04-21 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: added support for adding classes defined
in the current buffer to the global completion list - when completing
with no text outside of a class definition
2006-04-20 Doug Kearns <>
* doc/ft-ruby-omni.txt: add new omni completion documentation
* doc/ft-ruby-syntax.txt, syntax/doc/ruby.txt: move syntax
documentation to ft-ruby-syntax.txt
2006-04-20 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: fixed a completion hang/crash when
completing symbols globally switched to smaller chunks being added to
the dictionary
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: it will now complete rails classes
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: removed left over debug prints
2006-04-19 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: in-buffer class completion seems to work
properly in my test cases added range variable detection - contributed
2006-04-19 Doug Kearns <>
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: add RJS and RXML template file detection
2006-04-19 Gavin Sinclair <>
* CONTRIBUTORS, ftplugin/ruby.vim: update Gavin's email address
2006-04-18 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: revised the in-buffer class loading,
needs a little more work but its testable
2006-04-17 Doug Kearns <>
* CONTRIBUTORS, indent/ruby.vim: update Nikolai's email address
2006-04-16 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: added a work-around for the cWORD bug
found by dkearns; added support for completion of in-buffer classes;
switched return-type over to a dictionary
2006-04-15 Doug Kearns <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim: rename rbcomplete#Complete to match
script file name
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim, compiler/rubyunit.vim, ftdetect/ruby.vim,
ftplugin/ruby.vim, indent/ruby.vim, syntax/ruby.vim,
compiler/eruby.vim, compiler/ruby.vim, ftplugin/eruby.vim,
indent/eruby.vim, syntax/eruby.vim: add Release-Coordinator header
line and remove GPL license
* CONTRIBUTORS, bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: add Mark to the list of
maintainers; add rubycomplete.vim to the installer script's list of
2006-04-14 Mark Guzman <>
* autoload/rubycomplete.vim, ftplugin/ruby.vim: added ruby
omni-completion files; modified the ftplugin to set the omnifunc
2005-10-14 Gavin Sinclair <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Changed maintainer to Nikolai.
2005-10-13 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/eruby.vim, compiler/rubyunit.vim, ftplugin/eruby.vim,
ftplugin/ruby.vim, indent/eruby.vim, indent/ruby.vim,
syntax/eruby.vim, syntax/ruby.vim: fix typo in URL header
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: add filetype detection for Rantfiles
2005-10-07 Doug Kearns <>
* NEWS: updated for new release
* syntax/doc/ruby.txt: update formatting for Vim 6.4 release
2005-10-06 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: prevent symbols from matching as matchit
2005-10-05 Doug Kearns <>
* NEWS: updated for new release
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: raise an exception if there are unknown
args passed to the script
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: add '.' to the head of 'path' so that files
relative to the directory of the current file are found first
2005-10-04 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: make the use of 'ruby_no_expensive' local to the
buffer for eruby files
* compiler/eruby.vim, compiler/rubyunit.vim, compiler/ruby.vim,
ftdetect/ruby.vim, ftplugin/eruby.vim, ftplugin/ruby.vim,
indent/eruby.vim, indent/ruby.vim, syntax/eruby.vim, syntax/ruby.vim:
replace spaces with tabs, where possible, to reduce file sizes as
requested by BM
2005-09-30 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: place Gems after the standard $LOAD_PATH in
2005-09-27 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: replace a single '.' with ',,' in all locations
in 'path'
2005-09-26 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: use print instead of puts to generate s:rubypath
2005-09-25 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow comments to be highlighted directly after
module/class/method definitions without intervening whitespace
2005-09-24 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow regexp's as hash values and after a ';'
* NEWS: updated for new release
* syntax/ruby.vim: fix typo in rubyControl highlight group name
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: add --backup option and include short
options for it and --windows; make sure the backup directory is
written to CWD
2005-09-22 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/rubyunit.vim: improve compiler message output and behaviour
to match that of the GUI test runners
* syntax/ruby: allow while/until modifiers after methods with names
ending in [!=?]; assume (for now) that while/until expressions used as
args will be specified with parentheses
2005-09-21 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb, indent/eruby.vim: add a new indent file for
eRuby; just use the html indent file for now
* compiler/eruby.vim: use the ruby compiler plugin 'efm' and add a
eruby_compiler config variable to allow for using eruby as the
'makeprg' rather than the default erb
2005-09-20 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match and highlight exit! as a 'special' method
2005-09-18 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Fix bug #2481
2005-09-18 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Fix for #2473
2005-09-18 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: make sure that the latest vim-ruby, rather
than vim-ruby-devel, gem is being used
2005-09-16 Doug Kearns <>
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: use 'set filetype' rather than 'setfiletype' to
override any previously set filetype
2005-09-15 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add $LOADED_FEATURES and $PROGRAM_NAME to
* NEWS: correct release number
* INSTALL: add a precautionary note about backing up files prior to
using the installer
2005-09-14 Doug Kearns <>
* Rakefile: add INSTALL and NEWS files to FileList
2005-09-13 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/eruby.vim: make sure escaped eRuby tags aren't highlighted as
block delimiters with a trailing '%'
2005-09-11 Doug Kearns <>
* CONTRIBUTORS: update pcp's email address
* indent/ruby.vim: reinsert license in header
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: include gems load path in 'path' option
* indent/ruby.vim: ignore the rescue 'modifier' when indenting (#2296)
* indent/ruby.vim: fix comment typo
2005-09-10 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Fixes bugs introduced in earlier commits. Been
running without fault for two-three weeks now. It's about as good as
it gets without a major reworking. Enjoy!
2005-09-10 Doug Kearns <>
* Rakefile: use GMT time in the version string
* compiler/rubyunit.vim: save each message from error backtraces
* README, etc/website/index.html: update the package naming
* Rakefile: set the package task's need_zip attribute so that zip
package archives are also created
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: remove 'multiline' patterns from b:match_words
2005-09-09 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby: allow if/unless/while/until expressions to be
highlighted when used as method args following a ','
2005-09-08 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow while/until expressions to be highlighted
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: rescue Win32::Registry::Error when
accessing the Windows registry
* ChangeLog, Rakefile, compiler/eruby.vim, compiler/rubyunit.vim,
compiler/ruby.vim, ftplugin/eruby.vim, indent/ruby.vim,
syntax/eruby.vim, syntax/ruby.vim: normalise vim modelines
* etc/release/ add -z to cvsrelease call to create a zip
release file as well as a tar.gz
* Rakefile: add CONTRIBUTORS file to FileList
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: escape \'s in b:match_skip pattern
* Rakefile: update filetype/ to ftdetect/ in FileList
2005-09-07 Doug Kearns <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: improve b:match_words pattern
2005-09-06 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: move hyphen to end of collection in rubyNoDoBlock
2005-09-03 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow if/unless expressions after the %, ^, | and &
2005-09-02 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: add ftplugin/eruby.vim to list of source
* ftplugin/eruby.vim: add new eRuby ftplugin
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: merge most features from Ned Konz's ftplugin
* compiler/eruby.vim: match eruby specific error messages and parse
the error's column number when provided
2005-09-01 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb, compiler/eruby.vim: add new eruby compiler
* syntax/eruby.vim, syntax/ruby.vim: split erubyBlock into erubyBlock
and erubyExpression; allow expressions inside blocks; set
ruby_no_expensive if highlighting eRuby; add spell checking and
rubyTodo to erubyComment
* syntax/eruby.vim: make sure that eRubyOneLiner starts at the
very beginning of a line
* syntax/eruby.vim: make sure that eRubyOneLiner cannot be extended
over multiple lines
2005-08-30 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove rubyIterator HiLink command line
2005-08-27 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: add Env.determine_home_dir using
%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% as HOME on Windows if HOME is not explicitly set
* syntax/ruby.vim: fix regression in rubyOptDoBlock
* syntax/ruby.vim: fix typo in rubyBlockParameter pattern
2005-08-26 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Updated to indent correctly. There's more to be
done, as a statement may be contained in other stuff than a '... = ',
so that '=' should be [=+-...]. Soon to be fixed.
2005-08-26 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: only match rubyBlockParameter after 'do' that is a
2005-08-25 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: rename rubyIterator to rubyBlockParameter; ensure
it only highlights these after a 'do' or '{'; match parameters in
* syntax/doc/ruby.txt: minor reorganisation of options
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: don't use $0 == __FILE__ idiom to start
installer file as this will fail when running as a gem as
vim-ruby-install.rb is loaded by the gem driver; make _same_contents
a private method; fix a bug in BackupDir.backup where it was writing
the backup to an incorrect location
2005-08-24 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim:
1. resetting of cpoptions (wouldn't always be done, depending on if
GetRubyIndent was defined.
2. Bugs #166, #1914, #2296 should be fixed
3. Somewhat simpler processing of the contents of the file.
Most of the work was removing complexity that was trying to be clever
about understanding the syntax/semantics of the file, while actually
making things slow and actually not matching correctly.
2005-08-24 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove 'contains=rubyString' from the
rubyInterpolation group until that is more comprehensively improved
2005-08-18 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: explicitly match block arguments so that &keyword
isn't highlighted as a 'keyword' prefixed with &
* syntax/ruby.vim: improve highlighting of heredocs used as method
2005-08-17 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: improve highlighting of the optional 'do' in
looping constructs
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove accidentally added 'keepend' from
* syntax/ruby.vim: merge 'while|until' start patterns of
rubyOptDoBlock syntax group
2005-08-16 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: wrap 'main' in a begin/end block
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: add FIXME comment (Hugh Sasse)
* README, bin/vim-ruby-install.rb, etc/website/index.html: offer
$VIM/vimfiles and $HOME/{.vim,vimfiles} rather than $VIMRUNTIME as the
two default installation directories
2005-08-15 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove character offset 'hs' from the
rubyOptDoBlock start match
* syntax/ruby.vim: exclude leading whitespace from the rubyOptDoBlock
syntax group start patterns with \zs
2005-08-11 Doug Kearns <>
* CONTRIBUTORS, bin/vim-ruby-install.rb, syntax/eruby.vim: add syntax
highlighting for eRuby files
* ftdetect/ruby.vim: reorder autocommands for eRuby setf line
2005-08-08 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: add ftdetect/ruby.vim to list of source
2005-08-07 Doug Kearns <>
* filetype/ruby.vim, ftdetect/ruby.vim: move ruby.vim from filetype/
to ftdetect/
* filetype/filetype.vim, filetype/ruby.vim: move filetype.vim to
ruby.vim; add eRuby filetype detection
2005-08-06 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match rubyConstant and rubyLocalVariableOrMethod
with a leading word boundary
* syntax/ruby.vim: move ruby_no_identifiers test to the default
highlighting block so that all identifiers are still matched when this
is config variable set
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove display argument from rubyConstant now that
the match is multiline
2005-08-03 Doug Kearns <>
* CONTRIBUTORS: add new file listing project contributors
2005-08-02 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: differentiate between constants and capitalized
class methods invoked with the scope operator '::'
2005-08-01 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: undo reordering of identifier matching and make $_
a special case to prevent it matching against global variables with a
leading underscore
2005-07-30 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: reorder identifier matching so that identifiers
'containing' predefined identifiers, such as $_, match properly
2005-07-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: improve matching of conditional expressions
2005-07-27 Doug Kearns <>
* Rakefile: add 'package' as the default target
2005-07-26 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: replace leading context 'lc' offsets with the
'\@<=' pattern construct when matching 'normal regular expressions'
(Aaron Son)
2005-07-22 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow strings inside interpolation regions
2005-07-04 Doug Kearns <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: improve source directory detection (Hugh
2005-04-05 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match rubyNested*, and rubyDelimEscape as
transparent items; add closing escaped delimiters to rubyDelimEscape
syntax group
2005-04-04 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight nested delimiters in generalized quotes
(Aaron Son, Bertram Scharpf and Ken Miller)
2005-04-04 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: minor improvement to block parameter highlighting
2005-04-04 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/doc/ruby.txt: add documentation for the ruby_space_errors,
ruby_no_trail_space_error and ruby_no_tab_space_error configuration
2005-03-30 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add configurable highlighting of trailing space and
'space before tab' errors (Tilman Sauerbeck)
2005-03-24 Gavin Sinclair <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Improved hilighting of %{...} strings with
nested brackets (Ken Miller).
* indent/ruby.vim: Improved indenting of %{...} strings with
nested brackets (Ken Miller).
* syntax/ruby.vim: Corrected hilighting of |(x,y)| iterator
parameters (Tilman Sauerbeck).
2004-11-27 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/ruby.vim, compiler/rubyunit.vim, syntax/ruby.vim: update
DJK's email address
2004-09-30 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match regexp values in hash literals
2004-09-20 Gavin Sinclair <>
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: added
* Rakefile: 'rake package' generates TGZ and GEM
* install.rb: removed
* build.rb: removed
2004-09-04 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/rubyunit.vim, compiler/ruby.vim: update to use new
CompilerSet command
2004-05-19 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/rubyunit.vim: match assert messages
2004-05-12 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: check for the folding feature rather than just the
vim version when testing if the foldmethod should be set to syntax
2004-05-11 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/rubyunit.vim: add initial support for parsing Test::Unit
2004-05-11 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/doc/ruby.txt: add documentation for the
ruby_no_special_methods and ruby_fold configuration variables
2004-04-29 Doug Kearns <>
* filetype/filetype.vim: move matching of [Rr]akefile* to a separate
section which is located later in the file to avoid incorrectly
matching other filetypes prefixed with [Rr]akefile
2005-04-27 Doug Kearns <>
* filetype/filetype.vim: match 'rakefile' as a Rakefile
2004-04-23 Ward Wouts <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add ruby_fold variable to control the setting of
the foldmethod option
2004-04-06 Doug Kearns <>
* filetype/filetype.vim: add RubyGems specification and installation
files and Rakefiles
2004-04-01 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/rubyunit.vim: add a new compiler plugin for Test::Unit
2004-03-23 Doug Kearns <>
* etc/website/index.html, etc/website/djk-theme.css: add simple CSS
style sheet
2004-02-08 Doug Kearns <>
* etc/website/index.html: convert to valid HTML 4.01 Strict.
2004-01-11 Gavin Sinclair <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: Added matchit instructions.
2003-11-06 Doug Kearns <>
* README: update DJK's current location.
2003-11-06 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add support for the new decimal and octal base
indicators and capitalization of all base indicators.
2003-10-20 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Added support for ?: multilining, such as
a ?
b :
2003-10-18 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Fixed a silly bug with the [] matching.
2003-10-17 Gavin Sinclair <>
* README: Minor addition.
* etc/website/index.html: Synced with README.
2003-10-15 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Fixed bug #114. Also fixed a related problem with
documentation blocks. They would indent relative to the other code.
Now it simply indents with zero width (to match =begin) by default.
Otherwise acts like 'autoindent'. Also fixed a problem with | and &
not being recognized as continuation lines. This may cause problems
with do blocks, we'll see.
* indent/ruby.vim: In response to previous note. It proved fatal.
Fixed now.
2003-10-14 Nikolai Weibull <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: Readded matching of $' and $" when
ruby_no_identifiers was off. Got accidentaly removed with previous
2003-10-13 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: General cleanup, speedup, fixup. Fixes bug #62.
Indentiation of tk.rb (5200+ lines) takes under 13 seconds now.
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: Cleanup. Nested if's unnecessary. Also modified
2003-10-12 Nikolai Weibull <>
* indent/ruby.vim: Fixed bugs #89 and #102.
* syntax/ruby.vim: The $' and $" variables weren't being matched if
ruby_no_identifiers was on. This messed up string matching.
* indent/ruby.vim: Basically did a total rewrite in the process.
Everything is well documented now, and should be rather simple to
understand. There is probably room for optimization still, but it
works rather fast, indenting tk.rb (5200+ lines) in under 15 seconds.
I'm betting searchpair() may be executing a bit too often still, but a
lot of special cases have now been taken care of. This version also
fixes bug #59 and #71.
2003-10-03 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: simplify the rubyData pattern by using the new EOF
2003-10-03 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: link rubyBoolean to rubyPseudoVariable; link
rubyPseudoVariable to the Constant highlight group.
2003-09-30 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: create rubyPseudoVariable syntax group; move self,
nil, __LINE__ and __FILE_ to rubyPseudoVariable.
2003-09-30 Doug Kearns <>
* etc/website/index.html: update DJK's current location.
2003-09-26 Doug Kearns <>
* etc/website/index.html: close the open PRE element and add a DOCTYPE
2003-09-26 Doug Kearns <>
* indent/ruby.vim: update references to rubyExprSubst - this syntax
group has been split into rubyInterpolation, rubyNoInterpolation and
2003-09-26 Gavin Sinclair <>
* etc/release/*: added to aid in the production of releases.
* etc/website/*: now anyone can have a crack at the website!
2003-09-25 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: link the rubyNoInterpolation syntax group to
rubyString; merge rubyHexadecimal, rubyDecimal, rubyOctal, rubyBinary
into rubyInteger.
2003-09-22 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: link the rubyOperator syntax group to the Operator
highlight group.
2003-09-21 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match regexps after split, scan, sub and gsub.
2003-09-21 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight escaped string interpolation correctly;
allow hexadecimal and octal escape sequences to match with less than 3
and 2 digits respectively; split rubyExprSubst into multiple syntax
groups - rubyInterpolation, rubyNoInterpolation, rubyEscape.
2003-09-19 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match singleton class definitions with no
whitespace between 'class' and '<<'.
2003-09-19 Doug Kearns <>
* install.rb, syntax/doc/ruby.txt: fix minor typos.
2003-09-18 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: improve float and decimal matching; split
rubyInteger into multiple syntax groups - rubyASCIICode,
rubyHexadecimal, rubyDecimal, rubyOctal, rubyBinary.
2003-09-18 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: replace all patterns surrounded by \(\) with \%(\)
when the sub-expression is not used.
2003-09-18 Gavin Sinclair <>
* install.rb: Included comments and USAGE string from revisino 1.1.
2003-09-18 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: match regexp after 'not' and 'then'; match if and
unless expressions following '=' and '('.
2003-09-17 Gavin Sinclair <>
* ftplugin/ruby.vim: implemented matchit support (thanks to Ned Konz
and Hugh Sasse).
2003-09-17 Gavin Sinclair <>
* install.rb: replaced with Hugh Sasse's contribution. Alpha state
until tested, and with several issues and todos listed.
2003-09-11 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: fix my accidental redefinition of the
ruby_no_expensive matchgroups.
2003-09-11 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: improve support for symbols, integers and floating
point numbers; add the display argument to :syntax where appropriate.
2003-09-09 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: remove Vim 5.x specific sections and simplify the
generalized string, regular expression, symbol, and word list literal
syntax groups.
2003-09-09 Doug Kearns <>
* indent/ruby.vim, syntax/ruby.vim: rename the rubyStringDelimit
syntax group rubyStringDelimiter.
2003-09-09 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: highlight one line module, class, and method
definitions, using the ';' terminator, correctly; split
rubyClassOrModule into two new syntax groups - rubyClass and
2003-09-08 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add the @Spell cluster to support spell checking
of comment text.
2003-09-08 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add support for the new %s() symbol literal.
2003-09-03 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/ruby.vim: update the maintainer's email address.
2003-09-02 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: make sure that the optional do after for, until or
while is not matched as the beginning of a do/end code block; also
highlight the optional ':' for these loop constructs.
2003-08-28 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add folding support to embedded data sections after
an __END__ directive.
2003-08-27 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: don't allow '<<' after '.' or '::' to match as the
beginning of a heredoc.
2003-08-26 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: fix shebang highlighting which was being ignored
all together.
2003-08-25 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add the new %W() word list literal with
interpolation; add folding to %q() single quoted strings and %w() word
list literals.
2003-08-24 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add $deferr to rubyPredefinedVariable; add several
new methods (abort, at_exit, attr, attr_accessor, attr_reader,
attr_writer, autoload, callcc, caller, exit, extend, fork, eval,
class_eval, instance_eval, module_eval, private, protected, public,
trap) to the Special Methods section.
2003-08-21 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: add access control methods (public, protected and
private) to a new rubyAccess syntax group.
2003-08-21 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: no longer match NotImplementError as a predefined
global constant; move rubyTodo to the Comments and Documentation
section; create a Special Methods section and add the
ruby_no_special_methods variable to allow the highlighting of these
'special' methods to be disabled.
2003-08-18 Doug Kearns <>
* compiler/ruby.vim, ftplugin/ruby.vim, indent/ruby.vim,
syntax/ruby.vim: retab the header section - Bram prefers as many TAB
characters as possible.
2003-08-18 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: allow for, while and until loop bodies to contain
do...end and {...} blocks - rubyOptDoBlock should contain rubyDoBlock
and rubyCurlyBlock.
2003-08-16 Doug Kearns <>
* syntax/ruby.vim: string expression substitution of class variables
does not require braces.