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The TODO group website assets

This repo houses the assets used to build the website for the TODO Group at

📝 Adding Resources

TODO Group operates through different working groups and initiatives, each of them with their unique contribution guidelines and communication channels.

We encourage people to join the community and get started with contributions to the different TODO initiatives:

  • OSPOlogy Panel Discussions
  • OSPO Book
  • OSPO Glossary
  • OSPO MindMap
  • OSPO Training Modules
  • OSPO Newsletter
  • TODO Guides
  • OSPO Use Cases
  • OSPO Landscape
  • OSPO Survey
  • RepoLinter
  • TODO Artwork

🧩 Editing the site

This site is built using the Hugo static site generator and hosted on Netlify. The site uses the Dot-Org Theme for Hugo as a base and then has its own customisations.

In order to build or locally develop the website, you'll need to install Hugo and node.js.

If you don't have them installed, you can install them via

# macOS
brew install hugo node

Then following these instructions:

  1. Clone this repo to a local directory on your computer.

  2. Navigate to the newly created directory, and pull in the theme:

git submodule update --init --recursive
  1. Install dependencies:
npm install
  1. Build the site:
npm run build
  1. Start the local server with live reload:
npm run start

Other npm commands for working with a local instance

  • npm run dev:start - Starts the local dev environment using exampleSite
  • npm run dev:start:with-pagefind - Starts the local dev environment using exampleSite with working pagefind search
  • npm run dev:build - Builds the site using exampleSite

This command should give an address you can visit on your local machine to see the local copy of your site. Typically this is localhost:1313. Just navigate to http://localhost:1313 in your browser and you should see the site running.

If modifying the theme files, you should never edit the themem that is imported via Git Submodule, as otherwise the changes will be overwritten or lost the next time the theme is updated. Changes should be made in override files inside the root directory as this will override the theme directory. Read docs.


Official TODO Website that containts TODO Guides, OSPO use cases and more resources to advance in the OSPO journey




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