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equivalent() make a universal and deep comparison between two values to determine if they are equivalent.

It's a simple function with less than 120 lines of code Javascript for nodejs and the browser, without dependencies, very quick and very robust.

It can compare Arrays, Array Buffers, Booleans, Class, Date, Error, Maps, Numbers, Objects, Regexp, Sets, Strings, Symbols and Typed Arrays.

Basic use

equivalent( value1, value2 );


Must be all types of Javascript elements: arrays, array buffers, booleans, date, error, functions, maps, numbers, objects, regexp, sets, strings, symbols and typed arrays.


The function return true when the parameters are not equivalents and more than false when the values are equivalents.


  • Basic types:

    if (equivalent(1, 1)) { 
      // ... 
    if (equivalent('hello', 'hello')) { 
      // ... 
    if (equivalent(true, true)) { 
      // ... 
  • Dates:

    var date1 = new Date(2016,11,31);
    var date2 = new Date(2016,11,31);
    if (equivalent(date1, date2)) { 
      // ... 
  • Objects:

    var obj1 = {a: 1, b: 2};
    var obj2 = {a: 1, b: 2};
    if (equivalent(obj1, obj2)) { 
      // ... 
  • Arrays:

    var arr1 = [{a: 1}, {b: 2}, 3];
    var arr2 = [{a: 1}, {b: 2}, 3];
    if (equivalent(arr1, arr2)) { 
      // ... 
  • Array Buffers:

    var buffer1 = new ArrayBuffer(8);
    new Uint32Array(buffer1).set([1000000, 1100000]);
    var buffer2 = new ArrayBuffer(8);
    new Uint16Array(buffer2).set([16960, 15, 51424, 16]);
    if (equivalent(buffer1, buffer2)) {
      // ...
  • Map:

    var keyObj = {};
    var map1 = new Map();
    map1.set('a', "value associated with a string");
    map1.set(1, "value associated with a number");
    map1.set(keyObj, "value associated with keyObj");
    var map2 = new Map();
    map2.set('a', "value associated with a string");
    map2.set(1, "value associated with a number");
    map2.set(keyObj, "value associated with keyObj");
    if (equivalent(map1, map2)) {


The test folder include a huge number of checked cases. This file use a simple console.assert() and don't have dependencies. You can use this test file on browser and Node.


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