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Astrid: Android's #1 Task Management Application
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Astrid - Task Management Done Right

Astrid strives to be a simple and effective organization tool for Google Android phones. It comes with features like reminders, tagging, widgets, and integration with online synchronization services.

Interested in using Astrid? Search "astrid" in Android Market. Look for the smiling pink squid!

If you would like to help out with the Astrid project, you're in the right place.

Getting Started With Development

  1. Create your own fork of Astrid by clicking on Github's Fork button above (you may have to log in first).

  2. Install the following: • gitEclipse (preferred: Eclipse IDE for Java Developers) • Android SDK

  3. Use git to clone your forked repository (see Github's instructions if you need help).

  4. Open up eclipse and import the astrid and astrid-tests projects.

  5. Launch the astrid project as an Android Application, or the astrid-tests project as an Android JUnit Test Suite.

  6. Join the Astrid Power-Users List.

  7. Check out the Product Roadmap and Issues, and look for something you'd want to tackle.


For support requests, use the Astrid issue tracker. For development questions, contact timsu via e-mail.

Astrid also has an IRC channel, #astrid

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