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Astrid Remind Me

Help readers act on suggestions

This plugin is a zero configuration plugin that allows authors to add Remind Me links within their posts and Call-to-Action reminders at the bottom of each post. When readers click on links they can quickly add advice advice to their to-do lists, calendar, and will get a reminder via email with a link back to the original post.

When the plugin is activated authors have can:

Remind Me Links

Add Astrid Remind Me links within the body of the post. Remind me links help readers look like any other link in your post. By default they also include the prefix "✓ Remind Me: " but this can be removed.

When adding a Remind Me link the only information you need to add is the text that will be displayed to the user when they receive the reminder.

Example Reminder:

Buy flowers early for mothers day

The author may also add an optional note:

Example Note:

Check RetailMeNot for coupon codes before you send them!


Finally you can specify when the reminder should be sent to the user. By default the reminder is sent 3 days after the user clicks but this can also be set to calendar date in yyyy-mm-dd format.


To make sure the arrive in time for Mother's day on Sunday May 12th the date might be: 2012-05-01

Remind Me Buttons

Remind Me Buttons are identical to Remind Me links but appear as a button. There are three button styles and three button sizes to choose from!

Call-to-Action Reminders

Astrid Call-to-Action are probably the easiest way to help readers act on a post. Add the Call-To-Action at the bottom of each post as a quick way to summarize the next steps readers can take.