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Downgrade dropbox access type to sandbox #221

lama0206 opened this Issue Nov 25, 2011 · 6 comments


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First of all: Great tool!

It would be very nice, if the dropbox sync was sandboxed to a single folder...

Kind regards


eisbehr commented Dec 10, 2011

This is (afaik) a feature of a newer Dropbox Api version than the one we use now. To do this we would need to upgrade to a newer version.
When we do upgrade, we will probably do the folder restriction.


chuckbjones commented Dec 11, 2011

What are the benefits of sandboxing the app? It seems like it would make it more difficult to access the todo.txt file from other apps, which is one of the major benefits of having a plain-text todo file.


eisbehr commented Dec 11, 2011

This only restricts our app from working in different folders than the /todo one. This way we can't change the rest of the Dropbox by accident, and no one else can take advantage of us having too many rights (I can't imagine how someone would take advantage of that, but if we don't need full access, we shouldn't have it).


ginatrapani commented Dec 12, 2011

The mobile app allows the user to change the todo.txt source folder in Settings because fundamentally, it makes the assumption that mobile app users are already using todo.txt on the desktop with Dropbox, and the folder/file is already created. That's why we don't sandbox.

anddam commented Nov 12, 2012

to the OP: at the moment source code works juts fine with sandbox access, I guess the updates eisbehr referred to were pulled in dc4c1a8 .

to ginatrapani: what do you mean with your comment about use already using todo.txt on desktop?
From what I can see he/she can just edit TODO_DIR to point to $HOME/Dropbox/Apps/Whatever/ and continue working with the sandboxed Android client without a difference on desktop side, right?
In this regard it would make more sense to offer the sandbox option.


ginatrapani commented Nov 12, 2012

I just meant it would require the user to move the file to whatever folder mobile Todo.txt put it in. Which is an inconvenience, but not a dealbreaker.

What Chuck said is the main reason we don't sandbox: the fact that that multiple apps should be able to edit the todo.txt file.

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