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ToDoWiki is a text based ToDo / Task list system based on a plain text files using a simple wiki notation, inspired by Tasks, Tasks.tmbundle and TaskPaper.

The idea is you can use any text editor to maintain a collection of ToDoWiki files in one or more directories. You can synchronise them among computers and devices using either Dropbox, Google Drive or a source control system.

For example I use my iPhone to edit my ToDoWiki documents on my Dropbox using PlainText

Differences from Tasks / TaskPaper

  • ToDoWiki is designed to work nicely with a tree of text files. So rather than having one big file with all Projects and Areas inside, I find it easier to have different files for different things. e.g. to keep Personal stuff separate from Work stuff. Or to split different Work Projects into different files.
  • Completed tasks get automatically archived into a separate archive directory; which mirrors the same directory and file name structure of pending tasks so its easy to reverse or search.
  • I use the TodoWiki TextMate bundle for TextMate as my primary editor of ToDoWiki files. It should be pretty easy to write ToDoWiki plugins for other editors like SublimeText and emacs etc.

ToDoWiki application

The ToDoWiki application takes care of automatic archiving of completed tasks (along with their related sub tasks and notes) along with supporting some migration tools from other To Do List applications like Things from Cultured Code.

ToDoWiki TextMate bundle

TextMate is my favourite open source text editor for the Mac and it has a TodoWiki TextMate bundle for working with a directory tree of TodoWiki files.

It supports folding of projects and tasks with nested tasks or notes, syntax highlighting, toggling tasks as being complete or not and moving tasks up or down etc.

You probably also want to enable auto save on focus loss so you never have to worry about saving your ToDoWiki files again

Wiki notation

  • Lines where the first non whitespace character of '-' followed by whitespace to indicate a task that is yet to be completed
  • Competed tasks start with '+ ' or '+ '
  • Project headings are lines of text which end with ':'
  • All other text is notes
  • Tasks can be nested arbitrarily deep using whitespace indentation
  • Tasks can have notes (text indented to match the indentation of the task)
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